“How Sometimes Value Is Created By The Memory Of The Moment”

Expect the unexpected, but do expect to find, “How Sometimes Value Is Created Be The Memory Of The Moment.”  In the blink of an eye the “memory” of a moment on a bright clear September morning came to life, and what we learned from that moment in New York, and the “value” of that memory saved the lives of many in Boston.  And now a new generation has witnessed a senseless act and the value of that moment will be determined in the reaction that takes place when the “memory” is awakened.  This article is not about senseless acts of terror, there has been enough written about that.

Author unknown:  But the quote that is contained in that little note speaks volumes about the “moment” we live in now.   As an example of “value created by a memory”  what are your thoughts on this.

Emotions Create Value:  Yes, it’s that warm fuzzy feeling we all get, and it’s that sick at the stomach punch in the “gut” feeling that wakes us up in the middle of the night.  You know the “moment” I am speaking about, it’s when that person, place or thing we took for granted would always be there is gone, and what’s left is only a “memory” that’s when the true value of the moment reveals it’s self, and that my friends can be emotional as hell.  Seems to me, now you might want to grin, I am. The authors who go by the pen name {unknown} have created countless valuable moments and quotes, now imagine that, all that value created and not on dime
of a royalty fee paid, at times it seems that the most value is created and found in the little things that are free.  Smile at that, I do each time is see one of those “value” packed BOGO, buy one get on free signs.

A story told:  Is a “moment” and a “memory” shared, from generation to generation that’s how the “value” of the moment has been kept alive.


The :  It’s The time to crawl out of that imaginary box yes the one that creates stagnation of the imagination, boxes were not made to think “outside” of but they were created and designed to package the things our imaginations create.  As an example think or giggle and grin about this little thought on what boxes are.  Buckle up for this one if you choose.  This little thing that we use to write with and share stories came in a box at some point in time.  The question is this, are the stories we tell and the content we write created by this thing that came in a box, or are they the the product of a box free creative mind?  Stretch it out just a little further, now what do we use to ship out what we create, and this is a reach, why a link of course, and what will we often find at the end of an article or post,  if there is “value” created for us by what we read, and if we find it’s a moment to share, and dang link box to connect to and spread the “memory” around.

The wall:  Check it out, it all started on the “memory” wall, and I am not referring to today’s most popular social media sights.  However social media has been around since we as a human race had to communicate through stories drawn on wall and rocks, and lets not forget about caves.  The value of the moments preserved and shared for future generations to see, and each time something new was discovered that had a “value” that needed to be remembered to carry on with life.  Another unknown author created and article with the content needed to preserve the memory and then you guessed it by now created a link, to the archives of moment that connected to the valuable content that was written by the story tellers who indeed started this whole art of content story telling.  Now the question is what were they writing stories about, and what was the value of these moments seems the preservation of life, who knew, we still do the same thing, now the picture comes clear to me and you choose for you, we paint pictures with words, and we have video to depict the how.  True valuable content has been around and the king of information, well you count back the years.


For you:  I write but more importantly I read.  I have been fortunate enough to find some great “value” in some of the articles I have read here.  I hope you check it out, and as always it’s all about choices and what ever you choose to do with the following link is up to you. Check Wendy out.


Expect the unexpected, everything real everything true, and now you know what “How Sometimes Value Is Created By The Memory Of The Moment” is about.















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