“How Captivity In Plain Sight Is Easily Over Looked”

Expect the unexpected, but do expect that every once and a while “breaking news” will be the kind that is wonderful to hear.   Three people missing for over a decade were found, alive and well, and “How Captivity In Plain Sight Is Easily Over Looked”  is about a different point of view that’s often “over looked.”

The picture you see was sent to me by a social media friend from India, and to give credit where554472_476688862394115_1243881109_n credit is due, at the bottom of the picture in the left hand corner, that’s the name of the artist who’s imagination created this little jewel, the greatest thing about art, and painting pictures with words is what he saw and what I see, and yes what you see as well may all have different meanings, and that dear friends is what Perceptionstoday is really all about, thinking outside that damn imaginary box that is the key that sets us free, from the “captivity” of the stagnation of the imagination of a closed mind.

The escalator and the stairs:

The significance of the picture is we all have a different perception of what “captivity” means.  As an example who appears to be the captive, the man climbing the stairs with crutches and one leg, or could it be the line of people “captivated” by use of a modern convenience of the moving stairs known better by the name escalator?   Would it surprise you that what I see, is that the man on the stairs has found his freedom, and the rest are waiting in line needlessly are the ones that are in “captivity in plain sight.”  That’s the “over looked easily” part the article title is pointing out.  Now that’s my view, and what you choose to see, is exactly what your are supposed to see and that helps validate what Perceptionstoday is all about.  It would be such a waste of an opportunity to start a conversation and learn something new  if we all thought the same dang way.  Have no doubt if you have visited this site before, or if this is your first visit, welcome, and you can count on there being more out of the box thinking on the way.

Often over looked:

The “in sight” captivity” of the abusive relationship, be it mental or physical, and get real with it, that lame suggestion “just leave” more often than not is not a realistic option for so many.  Now how and please do explain, does “just leave” apply to a child that is being held in “plain sight captivity” in that prison with out wall, at times, of child abuse.  Plain Sight, well get real with this too, we see it every single day, and what happens in the majority of cases and it’s sad to say, so many times we that could do something don’t and just look the other way, instead of picking up the phone, or making a report, that could result in the end of the “captivity in plain sight” if we don’t that, then damn we deserve to wake up in a cold sweat from a nightmare each and every night.  That’s not “breaking” news that is every day reality.  Now for a real kick in the butt, if there is nothing done about it by we that are able, do you think we are “in captivity in plain sight” you make the choice the next time we, yes me, you and anyone else decides to “over look” what the hell is in “plain sight.”

Breaking new ground:

If you choose to get out of that imaginary “thinking box” please join me.  This is “breaking news.”  I try to stay away from political things but I subscribe to the belief, that we see what we see exactly when we are meant to see them.  Buckle up if you choose simply because this may be a one hell of a ride.

Target market:

When you are a business or if you happen to be into content marketing, or you happen to be a writer, we all do our best to find out our target market or “niche.”  Why is this important?  Seems to me the more helpful valuable information we provide to the market we are trying to reach.  When we do it right with integrity and without malicious, then that most valuable of all, the bridge of trust begins to be built, or another way to put it if we don’t build a bridge of trust combined with transparency with honest intent, then we probably could not sell “ice water” in hell.  Now if we can’t sell “ice water” in those conditions then it may be that we really “screwed” up royally some place.  And that’s a pretty “captive” market to sell too. The “How Captivity In Plain Sight Is Easily Over Looked” example is next.

IRS scandal:

Target market, key words used as flags, random acts, or intentionally planned, politically motivated,  now that’s the question.  “Captivity In Plain Sight” can not be “Over Looked” and this story will be “breaking news” I would suspect for quite a while.  Just a thought for you, and me as well.  What I .write about is the real deal and this is the read deal on this.  I made a mistake on my tax return one year, simply checked the wrong box on a new form, yes I got audited, and yes I paid what they said I owed, although there was no intent to conceal any earnings, that’s the last year I filed my own tax return , since then I have had a company that specializes in taxes file for me electronically, I learned from my mistake.  Now I would suspect the rest of this may sound familiar to a few.  Every year since then I received a nice little news letter from the IRS informing me that I had been chosen at “random” to have my tax forms reviewed.  Well as you can imagine after the 4th year in a row, I got a little “ticked” and gave them a call, and I asked the IRS representative, the following point blank question.  I inquired if my name had been changed to random, and were all the folks named random, getting the same personal attention as me, as you may suspect dead silence was the reply.  Certainly there will be more article written one this IRS randomness, a now you know “How Captivity In Plain Sight Is Easily Over Looked” is about, and I would wager this will not be over looked, anyone want to take that bet?

Expect the unexpected, everything real everything true

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