“How High Up The Chain Of Commad Will This IRS Scandal Go”

Expect the unexpected, and I would suspect we can expect that “How High Up The Chain Of Command Will This IRS Scandal Go” to  become one of the largest “National Disgrace” case’s we have been subjected too in these modern times.  The  IRS has a “Chain Of Command”  and like each “chain of command” there is a person with a sign on their desk that simply states The Buck Stops Here.   Now here is the serious question, and trust me, there is no smile or grin on my face, for me and you choose for you, “Watergate” pales in comparison of this Scandal involving the IRS.  Now who’s desk is “The Buck Stops Here” sign on?  The original The Buck Stops Here sign can be found at the “President Harry S. Truman Library and Museum.”    “How High Up The Chain Of Command Will This IRS Scandal Go,” history suggests that it goes all the way to the desk of the President, also known as the Commander In Chief”.

Fraud the face of the IRS:

Call it what it is, profiling, civil rights violation, total disregard for the law of the land, and in direct defiance on the Constitution.  This scandal directly effects each and every citizen or non citizen of these United States.  Why should this make the hair on the back of our necks stand up on end.  When one Governmental agency  has so much uncontrolled power over an entire nation and it’s citizens, it could be said, that the death of Democracy has begun, and birth of total Governmental control has started to grow in the womb of Dictatorship.  What would cause a person to surmise before unheard of thought?  This Scandal was not about taxes, it was and is about unprecedented control, over one group who dared to think differently.  Politically motivated, that’s a question that will surely be answered, you choose for you be as for me, my freedom’s that hundreds of thousands of us raised our right hands and swore to preserve and protect   that IRSoath won’t let us rest until the Buck Stops on the right desk.  Trust in the IRS is gone, or to put it more bluntly it’s like this “virginity” can’t be replaced but the IRS and it’s controlling power can, and must be changed, in the name of freedom and National Security.

History fact check:

Perhaps the most famous historical incident that relates to the resistance to taxes was the Boston Tea Party in Colonial America. In 1773, a group of colonists, dressed as Native Americans, boarded three English ships moored in Boston Harbor. These colonists then spent hours smashing the ships’ cargo, wooden chests filled with tea, and then throwing the damaged boxes over the side of the ships. American colonists had been heavily taxed for over a decade with such legislation from Great Britain as the Stamp Act of 1765 (which added taxes to newspapers, permits, playing cards, and legal documents) and the Townsend Act of 1767 (which added taxes to paper, paint, and tea). The colonists threw the tea over the side of the ships to protest what they saw as the very unfair practice of “taxation without representation.”Taxation, one might argue, was one of the major injustices that led directly to the American War for Independence. Thus, the leaders of the newly created United States had to be very careful as to how and exactly what they taxed. Alexander Hamilton, the new U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, needed to find a way to collect money to lower the national debt, created by the American Revolution. In 1791, Hamilton, balancing the need of the federal government to collect money and the sensitivity of the American people, decided to create a “sin tax,” a tax placed on an item society feels is a vice. The item chosen for the tax was distilled spirits. Unfortunately, the tax was seen as unfair by those on the frontier who distilled more alcohol, especially whiskey, than their eastern counterparts. Along the frontier, isolated protests eventually led to an armed revolt, known as the Whiskey Rebellion.In the 1890s, the U.S. federal government was beginning to rethink its general taxation plan. Historically, most of its revenue had been from taxing imported and exported goods as well as taxes on the sale of specific products. Realizing that these taxes were increasingly bearing on only a select portion of the population, mostly the less affluent, the U.S. federal government began looking for a more even way to distribute the tax burden. Thinking that a graduated-scale income tax placed upon all citizens of the United States would be a fair way to collect taxes, the federal government attempted to enact a country-wide income tax in 1894. However, because at that time all federal taxes had to be based on state population, the income tax law was found unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1895To create a permanent income tax, the Constitution of the United States needed to be changed. In 1913, the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. This amendment eliminated the need to base federal taxes on state population by stating: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

In October of 1913, the same year the 16th Amendment was ratified, the federal government enacted its first permanent income tax law. Also in 1913, the first Form 1040 was created.

Today, the IRS collects more than $1.2 billion in taxes and processes more than 133 million returns annually.

Scandal of the IRS and Identify theft:

Yes we have to have a tax base, and it should be obvious that “Tax Reform” is needed now.  This is the question, if Congress can eliminate long airport wait lines is just a few days because they needed to get home and the heat was on over this political game “Sequester.”  And because “we the people” were and still are really “pissed” and a little extra wait at the terminal gate, is nothing compared to being violated by our own governments failure to perform in the way the Constitution demands. The present tax plan has not worked properly in damn near 200 years.  Is it time to initiate a tax rate and plan that is based on how much we spend, not how much we make… a pay as we go, a point of sale.  Hell there has to be a plan the a scammer can’t steal your information and get a return, and still provide the revenue to operate this great nation.  Remember it’s We The People that hired you.

The eye of the Tiger:

It’s there for a reason and this is why it’s there, it represents We The  People and we are just watching “How High Up The The Chain Of Command Will This IRS Scandal Go.”



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