“Why Scandals And Talking Points Are News A Sly Fox In The House Needs To Taste”

Expect the unexpected, and if you are expecting this to be an article on my political view’s you damn sure won’t find them here, and this is “why”.  I don’t give a damn about your political views, but rest assured I do give one big damn about your rights and my rights that were laid out and guaranteed and at times paid for by the “blood” of the “patriots” that came long before you and me. Now that is “Why Scandals And Talking Points Are News A Sly Fox In The House Needs To Taste.” What house can you find a “Sly Fox”?  Try these The White House, Senate, House of Representatives.  You choose for yourself, but as for this citizen, I am appalled and disgusted that these three “house’s” have not taken a refresher course in reading and upholding that Precious Road Map laid out and clearly states for all the see. We The People Of These United States.  And never for get the Bill Of Rights, We the people is more that some fancy “Inaugural” speech “Catch Phrase.”

IMG-20130521-00180Talking Points IRS Scandal Department Of Justice And The Fox:

Talking Points:  Heck they are used in business each and everyday, why, they are designed to keep everyone on the same page.  Now let your imagination create your own view of this picture created by words.  Most of us know about or have used the presentation tool “Power Point”  at times visuals are less complicated to explain.  Now this is the the last thing you would want in an important presentation, and that is the first picture you see is correct, but when you move to the next point there is a blank, and the next after that should have been point number 3 but some how point number 5 took the space of the 3, and then what do we have, it damn sure is not talking points, it seems its more likely, a hastily created “dog and pony” show.  Now that’s creates the question, who, really knew what, and by the way the “presentation” sucked.  Nothing “political” about that.

Department Of Justice:

If you choose take a look at the three words above, there are enough letters in those words that create “talking points” on why I don’t give a damn about your political view, those are yours to freely choose.  I see the letters that form the words, trust,depart,from,part,of justice for us. Now thats just about as scandalous  as it gets.  Or has it gotten to the point that the fruits of the poisonous tree have become acceptable.  If you don’t know what those words mean please copy and paste into your favorite search box, because that is really what freedom is about.

Scandal At The IRS:

That’s a story that is still in the process of being written.  This scandal is a travesty, and a slap in the face to every single person that resides in this Great Country.  A Governmental Agency with such power and very limited oversight, could be as a quote from “Thomas Jefferson” states, the “Birth Place Of Tyranny.”  Exaggeration, hell no, if you choose to take a look at history, you should be able to plainly see. that he is one “Patriot” that knew just what the hell he was talking about.  And that’s Why Scandals And Talking Points Are News A Sly Fox In The House Needs To Taste.  That’s the very reason that I don’t give a damn about your political views.  Now this is something I do give a damn about.




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