“Why It’s Breaking News When We Embark On The Journey Of Discovering Ourselves”

Expect the unexpected, and when I was sent the “Featured Image” I have chosen to use for this article, I did not expect that it would the subject of “Why It’s Breaking News When We Embark On The Journey Of Discovering Ourselves.”  The more I looked at the images the more I had to laugh, and the last picture really made me smile.  Imagine what a marketing campaign idea it would be, if there was a brand that had the “Breaking News” of their latest computer model with the name of, well you can read it for yourself.  Fess up now, how many times have we all addressed these things that we use by that “term”  not out of disrespect, but because this little machine we use had “Breaking News” for us. Such as (forget your password”) click here for help.

The Trip:

The dictionary also says the word “trip” is another way to define the term “journey” I would suspect that most of us can recall having said or heard these words when on a vacation, trip, “journey” you choose the term that works best for you.  Are we there yet?  What was the most common reply to that question that most of us have either heard or said?  No we are not there yet and you will know when we get there, now just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Now, pay attention “honey” you may “discover” some things that create memories of important milestones you may want to recall.

When The Breaking News Is You:

I will write about my own “discovery” process and if you can relate too, then you might get a giggle and grin from the sequence of events in the images at the top of the page.  I recall quite well the day that the “breaking news” was me and all the “passwords” I had used previously, figuratively speaking, were obsolete and I still recall vividly “embarking” on a new “journey” of “discovering” myself, and the last image resonates with me simply because I recall when the “breaking news” hit home, yep I uttered those words.  I laugh at myself now, and no disrespect for this little magic box I use in a whole new “journey” and I don’t think there will be much of a problem remembering that anniversary date.  Changed passwords, and “breaking news” is the part of “discovering” a new part of my “journey” through life.  It’s been a heck of a “trip” and you can wager I am paying attention to all the little sights.

Discovering Gold:

All most two years have passed since this new “journey” of “discovering” myself began.  A workplace accident disabled part of my body, my right arm, and right hand, and yes I have used the word “bitch” on several occasions but not in the context you may think.  For me it’s a term of endearment, look at it from my point of view for just a moment, now this is a true account of how I feel about it.  My right arm and hand may have become “disabled” but let me assure you of this.  It was this “disabling” accident that has “enabled” me to embark on this “Journey of Discovering Myself” in a new light, and it’s a “bitch” just how much I love the new light shining in me.  I have been enabled to travel this road I am on, simply because it was my hand and arm, not my mind that was the subjects of the “breaking news” for me that day two years hence. I have had a full life and am blessed to have 62 years of “breaking news” to write stories about and the discoveries I have made is the “stuff” many only dream about.  The encouragement I have found along the way, from folks I know only by what they write and how they write it has been one of the best “discoveries” on this “journey” of life.  And believe me when I say I have been blessed with one “heck” of an action-packed life.  Hell, I still remember the day I discovered what it meant when someone used the term “copy and paste.”  You might say I am passionately grateful for the “breaking news” that came my way on for me, a life-changing day.

New Password:

A figure of speech or an expression of an impression.  At times a new “journey” requires us to open a new account or plan of action, as the old way of doing things change.  So it requires a new way to think and like any other new program or account to make it work correctly we need a “password” to access the database, the old password does not grant entry to the new entrance door too the path of “discovering the breaking news” the old way of thinking like the old “password” just does not get the job done like the rest of the changes taking place it requires an “update” to remain competitive in the race.  That for me is what makes this “journey” so exciting, “breaking news” not the same tired old news.  Now that’s one heck of a powerful “enabling” tool.

Expect the unexpected:

You can expect more of “Why It’s Breaking News When We Embark On The Journey Of Discovering Ourselves” will continue, and that will be the subject of another article coming soon.  The “journey” for me has just started, what about you?  This is a site you may enjoy check Marie out.









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