“The IRS Line Dance Or The Health Care Waltz”

Expect the unexpected, but do expect as the “feature” image may suggest, it’s a satirical view at the moment but it becoming a reality is not that far fetched. “The IRS Line Dance Or Heath Care Waltz” could very well have been a chapter in the Novel by George Orwell “1984” written in the year “1948”.  The present year is “2013” and how many of us imagined that “3D” printing would be fast making it’s way into the mainstream?   Let me make this point very clear, it’s not about politics or party affiliation, I personally don’t give a damn about that, it’s our own personal choice,to make freely.  Satire is designed to stimulate thinking, This site Perceptionstoday, was designed and created for that specific reason, stimulation of imagination and creating a conversations on the ways of thinking and why.

Free Style:

This is the place that the satire ends, the “Line Dance” and Waltz” are nice, but when we take a close look, its easy to see, each step is choreographed, make one misstep and well you know, there your are hanging out your so called “mistake” open for the world to see.  The term I use to define that is, well if you have been  reading for awhile you know what’s next.  It’s that self imposed or forced upon, closed mind “inside the box” required thinking disease, better known as the self imposed prison called “stagnation of the imagination” which in turn sentences “creation” to a term of life without parole.  Free Style, puts and end to all that messy control, its simple for me, I believe that we, you, us, and me hold the key and at any time we choose we can unlock that dang box and as it is intended to be set or minds free.  “Caution” once the choice is made to engage in Free Style, those of us who have broken free around all around look and around and you will see us.  On the other end of the spectrum, and I assure of this, the minds still “locked” in the box will constantly attempt to “entice” you back in.  It’s a choice that only the individual can or should make.

According To Our Records:

Now if you choose, let’s sit back I know I am, and continue this look, at “The IRS Line Dance Or The Health Care Waltz”.  Here is the deal on why I chose to insert what we just read, there are some box walls, that are required to be respected.  And at hats off to Matt Cutts and Google for creating a space where free thinking takes place, but as with anything there are a few too rules follow and now for a little giggle this is a little note I would rather not receive, would you, According To Our Records.  And now that I have complied with SEO requirements, I hope, let’s move on with the story the “Feature Image” depicts.  What will follow, was for me one of he largest “giggles” of my life so far.  Now a little hint, if you have not received this little note yet, it’s coming, and for those that have, well if you have read what I have written in the past, you know that what I write about is labeled at the end of each article, everything real and everything true.  Now the truth is and I would wager the same goes or will go for you, I did not need the According To  Our Records note to remind me that yep, right I as rain, I am now in the group that has reached the age of 62, and am now classified, or at least that is what the “box” the records are filed in, as “retired.”  To me hell that’s just some term, My mind and the way of thinking has been free of a boxes for years, it’s come with price I will admit, but now,  the fire of passion burns hot simply because along with “retirement” comes a “small” return on the taxes I paid from each damn check, and on every dollar I earned, that creates a base, to build on, and that statement can create a whole new conversation, but that’s reserved for an article with a much different title.

New Dance:

“Line Dance or Waltz”  or any other “dance” we may choose, each takes practice and that thing called dedication to learn the new steps.  Now through the word “passion” into the mix, and it’s not hard to come up with the phrase, “passionately dedicated to learning and practicing new ways.”  For over two years I have known this day would arrive, and it’s been two years of learning a new dance step that I felt passionate about.   My “plan” was not to retire at 62, but circumstances beyond my control, one a workplace accident that was disabling, and the econometric conditions that many of us faced and still do, changed “my” plan, now you can wager, and grin and laugh I did, when I heard that “small voice” whisper” in my ear, “oh by the way my plan is better than yours, so pay attention and be sure to take notes”  and if you have ever heard that voice you know just what the hell I am talking about.  And as you can see, It did not fall on deaf ears.  The voice failed to mention in the process I would be relieved of all the material things I owned, but it has sunk in that these all had to go why, there is not  a thing in the world stopping me from yep you guessed it, following the new path, dang the things you learn and see when given the chance to learn a new “dance”.

Affordable Act Experience:

We all know the real deal on retirement especially at this juncture in the “Dance” of life.  Statistics are used to determine the ROI in all the major corporations and business’s  that’s just part of the picture.  Now let’s get real for just a line or two, it’s not only business’s that use statistics, it folks like me that evaluate and make life decisions statistics and history.  The more data we have hopefully the better choices we make.  We all strive go get the best return on the investments we make, the point is this.  I did the statistical research after the “little voice” incident and damned it I didn’t learn that the maximum return on my Social Security Investment would be to retire at 62, why, well statistics kept by some of those fine folks at the IRS have revealed that if your family statistics reveal that the most of your relatives left this world around the time the age of 80 arrived then to receive the maximum ROI on what you have invested, is to retire at the age of 62.  Now since I fit it that statistical group, it did not require a long drawn out inside the box thought process the determine that, now is the the time to take the experience I have in business and life, combine it with the new “dance” steps I have learned over the course of the past two years, and put the whole thing in action.  Now here is he question, “The IRS Line Dance Or Health Care Waltz” was a title I used for an article, titles are designed to attract attention.  I will close with this, I read all the time about how’s the best way to relate to customers, and create loyalty, for giggles and grins but I assure you if you are serious when you say this to that valued customer who means so much, next time when you see them and they are in your line at the door ready to leave or just shopping.  Simply tell them “Thank You for signing my Paycheck last week”  you may be pleasantly surprised at the reply.  Thats my way now of thanking those who take the time to read what I write.


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