“Why Prism IRS And Immigration Reform Could Take A Lesson From Bees”

IMG-20130612-00202Expect the unexpected, as for me I expect and have been blessed to be inspired by “Mother Nature” to see what I am supposed to see.  She gives me the pictures, and yes I took that picture you see, and most of the ones featured or displayed in each article I am inspired to write.  I use what I have, and what you see was taken with my “Blackberry Bold.”  “Mother Nature” provided the scene, and the title “Why Prism IRS And Immigration Reform Could Take A Lesson From Bees” came from a power ,much greater than me, one that blessed me with the “gift” of “Imagination and a Creative” mind.  And make to mistake, I give thanks to that “Universal Power” every single day.

The Prism And The Banana Tree:

Like the bloom on the “Banana” tree, the fruit inside can only be concealed for so long.  Slowly and in due time the fruit is revealed.  When your told that the fruit inside are oranges, and the source you hear this from is one of the most powerful and trusted “farmers” of truth, is it any wonder when the “bees” come to pollinate  flowers and discover the whole damn thing is not really the truth, but a disguise for a fruit, we are allergic too, the fruit of deception what kind of reaction would anyone expect.  When it comes to the fruit of freedom and privacy, your bound to disrupt and anger the hive of bees that have had their hive robbed of the honey they have worked their lives to produce.  Now it’s a scientific fact, without “bees” there is not much healthy fruit.  It’s also well known that “bees” are being “booked” five years in advance to ensure a successful crop.

IRS Pesticide:

What other words other than “Total Disgrace” can be used to describe the actions of one of the most powerful governmental agency’s in the nation, uses discrimination to decide who gets the use of the bees and their hives.  “Bees” are freelance workers, they have no political affiliation their main goal and each has an assigned job is to keep the “Queen Bee” alive, that’s the only way the hive will survive.  Or simply look at it like this, if it is arbitrarily decided that a particular hive will be denied access to the pollen, they convert to food for the Queen Bee, the decimation of that family is a certain guarantee.    No need to mince words, to much power leads to abuse, and if you want to use a pesticide use your time to find and exterminate, the scammers and Identity thieves that are robbing the working “bees” hive blind.  Or is it easier to deny access to bees to an easy “target market”.

Immigration Reform:

IMG-20130612-00206The great debate on this issue continues.  What the heck do “bees” have to do with that conversation.  Now get the hell out of that ” box” your using to think out of.  Perceptionstoday, is about taking a different look, and seeing things in possibly new way, or at least open a discussion with no prejudgment percussions.

Each of the pictures that are in this article, represent a step in the evolution of current events.  Each one is leading us in the direction of what we are looking at now.  This is the picture of a “banana” tree, that the “bees” pollinated a few months ago, and what is the outcome well hell it’s plain to see, by these little creates working together, as it should be the end result is yes, a nourishing fruit in it’s final stages of development, and in just a few days, will be ready to eat.  And by the way, I have more pictures of the current project the “bees” are working on.  And it just a day or two, I will write an article on how the fruit in this last picture tastes. And now you know  “Why Prism IRS And Immigration Reform Could Take A Lesson From Bees”







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