“How To Stand Your Ground To Avoid The Snakes On The Ground”

Expect the unexpected, but do expect the Lizard and the Frog have a lesson in survival and it’s “How To Stand Your Ground To Avoid The Snakes On The Ground.”  And because I took the pictures, and am quite familiar with the area, when I tell you there are “snakes on the ground” that’s the truth, I have to look around and watch where I step as well.  Now between me and you, and if you familiar with snakes the best advice around is still and “stand your ground” and in most cases, the “snake” will go about its own business.  Unless you cross the path of a Cotton Mouth, and that’s a whole dang different story.

The Lizard At The Top:

This little creature is “standing its ground” above the ground in a small tree, and he is looking up, and in an instant, he can look down, and I know it’s a he, by the way, his throat pouch sticks out and is displayed this guy is looking for a mate.  But that is not the main reason he is above the ground in a tree, there also is a beautiful black snake about 4 feet long that likes to lay in the sun and hunt for food, right in the same corner that the lizard chooses to use.  They both have the right to use and stand their own piece of ground there is room for both, but if the lizard is not careful he will become the meal of the snake, and the same goes for the ants and little bugs that don’t look out for the lizard.  Now here is just a little information that is also true, if you back either the lizard or the snake in the corner, they will each “Stand Their Ground” and protect themselves and bite the hell out of you.  It’s going by the name of self-preservation, and I think we have all heard plenty of commentary on that subject these past few months and weeks.

The Little Frog On A Leaf:

This little creation of nature is also “Standing it ground” but it has chosen a leaf.  High above the threats from the things that crawl on the ground.  I took this picture this morning before dawn, to early for the birds that like to make him a meal was out flying around.  But his hiding place served him or she well kept it safe through the night and also provided a perfect disguise blending in so well that the little insects that eat on the leaves became meals for the little frog all through the night.  Dang the way the universe works humbles the hell out of me.  And to tell the truth, I just could not resist putting this amazing creature in the article.  But there may be another way to look at “Standing Your Ground”  when this little frog feels threatened there is no standing around, he can jump 6 or 8 feet at a time, and just like that leave the threat behind.   If we take a close look that’s just what he or she is getting ready to do.  Right after this picture was taken, this little dude jumped into the darkness and landing with grace on a tall blade of grass and the old saying goes “if frogs had wings they would not bump their ass when they landed”  the landing was so soft the grass barely moved.  Maybe we could take a lesson or two, that self-preservation can be accomplished by standing your ground, by leaving the threatening situation behind.  And now you know “How To Stand Your Ground To Avoid The Snakes On The Ground.”  By the way, the bite of a Cotton Mouth could cause you to die.


Visual Update:

Yes, that’s the snake I was  referencing about and now we really can see “How To Stand Your Ground To Avoid The Snakes On The Ground.”  Life lessons are easier to learn if you/we are fortunate enough to capture a photograph depicting the lesson being taught.  What the photograph clearly shows, there are snakes in the trees that should be avoided as well.  I could go on with this writing,  of Satire, and I will leave it to us all, to discover the snakes on the ground we all know.  I enjoy writing Satire, it makes us think, how in the world do we make this fit together?  Write it or speak it, and you will find in the end, it all works out.~Boats

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