“Why I Chose To Use RebelMouse And How It Works Well For Me”

Expect the unexpected, and you can bet that I wouldn’t have in my wildest dreams, expected to write an article one day with the title of “Why I Chose To Use RebelMouse And How It Works Well For Me.”  Imagine that, I am a “Boomer” and in my day the only “RebelMouse” I knew about was that tiny little “mouse” that was rebel enough to keep his butt out of the mouse trap, and fly in the air with its cape flowing in the wind.  Fess up now, how many of you my age ever thought that  what we do writing stories, that are read and hopefully enjoyed around the whole dang world would be the norm?  When rotary phones, and party lines, and the introduction of Touch Tone phones  were the latest communication rage?  No one is looking over your shoulder so feel free to raise your hand,  I did, and I will raise it again when I push the “publish” icon and send this “Mouse in the house” article on it’s way around the world, with no postage due stamp attached.  Imagine that!

How It Works For Me:

RebelMouse allows me to connect or link all my Social Media pages, and my website as well, and you can find what I post on, Twitter,Pinterest,Facebook,LinkedIn, Google+ and a few more.  I can post and share re-tweet, add photo’s and just about anything from A-Z.  It works for me and it may work well for you.  We are able to use one of the greatest gifts we possess, “Imagination” you will find no limitations on that.  Why RebelMouse still works for me:  I wrote this article on July 25th 2013, today April 4th 2015, the evolution of the Mouse Revolution, has been remarkable.  Features that are easy to use, and are dependable,  producing positive results, for me.  I am in no way affiliated with RebelMouse, I am just a satisfied user, as are so many others.  Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Never Heard Of RebelMouse:

It’s your choice from here, if you choose you can check them out http://RebelMouse.com and if you care to look at what I am talking about you can find me there too.

Someone Shared Rebel Mouse With Me:

I found RebelMouse on the suggestion of one @PeteCashmore a couple of years  ago when I first started out.  And my Perception is to share is to care, and know I have shared with you.”Why I Chose To Use RebelMouse And How It Works Well For Me.”





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