“How Health Care IRS Or The Ecomony Has No Effect On These Everyday Lives”

Expect the unexpected, and I have come to expect that when we keep looking and striving to discover new opportunities the results are often wonderful surprises.  It’s the little things we find, as as example, the “Sunrise” at the top of the page happens someplace in this world of ours each day.  “When we snooze we lose” as the old saying goes, are you one of the folks that likes to get up early before the new day breaks, as I do?  It’s that magical time when the breaking of the day, slowly turns yesterday or last night into “today.”  It’s the little gifts that often offer the biggest surprises.  It was both a surprise and delight that from the picture of the “Sunrise” and the events that soon unfolded, would be the inspiration for, “How Health Care IRS Or The Economy Has No Effect On These Everyday Lives.”

Related Article;Take a quick look, this article is a follow up on that, and it had a lot to do with “Standing Your Ground and Lizards,Frogs, and oh yes that “Black Snake” I was telling you about.


When I described how the “Lizard” was standing his ground in a tree, this is the beautiful black snake about 4 ft. long I was talking about.  Now  just for a little giggle and grin with reality thrown in, there is no “health care” the lizard or frog or insect can buy that protects against the cost or prevention of things that happen in these creations of natures “everyday lives.”  This is one picture of three, of this beauty of a snake, and if you spend your time enjoying nature, you know these snakes and creates move pretty dang fast.


The Economy Has  No Effect:  This wonder of nature appears rather “fat” and healthy, does it matter how high the prices go?  Heck no, what it eats is all organic and natural home grown and provided by mother nature herself.  Now what he eats don’t think for a minute is free, he working hard each day and his compensation is the things he finds and eats.  I am not aware of any payroll IRS deductions that are applicable to his occupation, but there is a price to pay if he get careless about his surroundings and location.  There also happens to be several beautiful Hawks and Eagles, that make the surrounding area the homes, and hunting grounds too.   Maybe I should label this next picture “A Snake In The Grass”


The Snakes Face: Now I invite you to take a close look just above the first full tile at the bottom left of the picture.  Right in the place where to two blades of grass look like and X and there we are you and me, face to face and eye to eye, with this beautiful 4 foot or so long black snake.  See his eyes, and white mouth?  Now I took these pictures with my BlackBerry Smart Phone Camera, and sometimes I have to get pretty dang close to what I am taking a picture of.  As I mentioned in the previous article, get close enough to anything, and more that likely they are going to stand their ground and with a little look, like he is giving us now, just a little reminder ” back off”.  It’s the little moments like this, that wake me up early, way before dawn, because one has no Idea what the dawn of a new day will bring.  Now lucky me what it brought me this day was the gift of inspiration to create, “How Health Care IRS Or The Economy Has No Effect On These Everyday Lives.”


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