How Customer Service Works When We Want To Keep A Customer For Life And After

Expect the unexpected, and I expected that one day I would write an article about this.  It’s not often written about, and its a perception of mine you choose for yourself, it covers a subject that is not “Breaking News” until it involves each and everyone of us.  It’s one of those true stories I write about.  If you work in Social Media, we see this question posed constantly.  Can you keep a customer for life?  The answer is yes, and hear is a business that knows “How Customer Service Works When We Want To Keep A Customer For Life And After.”  Now this endeavor taught me 99% of my “customer service” skills, and if you really want some unique life experience’s try this, or not.

Don’t Stop Reading Now It has A Happy Ending:



It was a regular Saturday, with the blue sky filled with clouds, much like the ones you see above, but by the end of that “regular” day, if there is such a thing, the Universe and powers much greater than me had a few more life lessons for me to learn, and you can bet the farm they came prepared to teach.  There were three funerals that day that were mine to “stand” and if you know what that means fine, if not, its when you go and stand with the family during the service.  It’s not like the customer service you would expect when your local grocery performs carry out, pardon the term, but it goes much deeper than that.  It’s like this, not only are the family your customers, but the one being laid to rest is too.  Now that’s a thought when you market or sell a service especially one like this, I really don’t know about you, but for me it taught the value of what true “Customer Service” is.

Imagine This:



Your driving down the road, and if you saw the location in the link at the beginning, and it’s a beautiful day, and your just going about your business make plans and you know all that usual stuff we do.  Then like a lightning bolt from the sky. damned if you don’t realize your having a heart attack, and to top it all off the closest place to you is the Cemetery that you own property at.  Having a heart attack is frightening enough but you know if you don’t pull in and get help, you may be using that piece if land you own long before you had planned. And that’s exactly what John did, how do I know, well like I mentioned earlier it was my Saturday, to be there for “at need” and I had three Services to stand.  I could not have paid for what I learned about “customer service” that day.

How It Worked Out:

There were three things going on at the same time.  John drove in and needed help out of his car, he  and I got inside in the air of the office, 911 was called and were sent on the way.  Next John’s family was called, and yes I got an answering machine, now who is going to pick up the phone when the caller ID clearly states Cemetery.  A message was left on his location and that medical help was on the way.  Now here is the twist to this situation, you see, when John pulled in I was sitting in my car at the entrance, waiting to lead the funeral procession to the right location.  Damn I said to me, I have two customers, one living by a thread, and one on the way to their final resting place, not to mention the grieving family, I think that picture has been painted well enough.

The Lesson Plan:

It all came together like this, the fire department showed up, stabilized John, EMS came to transport, to St. Mary’s Hospital and yes that’s the real name and this is a real story.  As it was supposed to be it turned out.  I left John in the hands of the professionals, and when I was going back to my car well you know what I saw turning the corner entering the gate, yes the Funeral Procession.   Through the power of something greater than myself, that day forever changed what the term “Customer for life means”

The Customer Appreciation:



I saw John and his whole family 5 weeks later, they just showed up at my small office, they came to say thank you, and to complete unfinished business they still need to pay for a couple things, such opening and closing, and I will leave it at that.  When I see the “Bird of Paradise” flower I smile and remember John.  My perception of “How Customer Service Works When We Want To Keep A Customer For Life And After”  is too remember we you and me are customers too, honesty and respect, give them even more that what you would expect.










you realize your having a heart attack

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