How Far Out On The Limb Are We Willing To Climb And Create What We Are Passionate About

Expect the unexpected, but do expect that at some point in our journey through life we will  have to ask ourselves this difficult question. “How For Out On The Limb Are We Willing To Climb And Create What We Are Passionate About.”  It takes almost unfathomable courage to look at ourselves in the mirror and answer that question, and it’s the question that we can only answer, for it’s only we who know how hot the fire of “passion” burns inside us.  Will we know how hot the fire burns, sure we already do, it’s what wakes us up in the middle of the night, and that thing we can’t go one day without thinking about.  Now “how far out on the limb are we willing” go?  That’s a personal choice, but the first step is the hardest, start climbing the tree.



The Lady In Waiting:how

This little female lizard does not hesitate for a moment to climb the small tree we see,  it’s part of her survival of life kit.  She uses this tree for several things, she lays in wait for meal that is usually crawling around on the ground below.  And at just the right moment she makes her move, gets her hunger satisfied, and back up the tree the, ground floor so to speak, is not a very safe place for her to be.   Her very survival depends on taking risks, as you will see a little later, there is no guarantee she won’t become a meal for something else.  Here is the question or comparison, you choose, the lizard has the instincts to survive, and will climb out on the limb as far as it takes to stay alive.  Now again the question is “How Far Out On The Limb Are We Willing Climb And Create
What We Are Passionate About.”

What’s Your Passion:

Passion is probably one of the most powerful emotions we as human  beings contend with in our day to day walk through this journey of life.  I would say it would be a safe bet to say, we have all had our moments where the emotion called passion has completely taken control.  Thus the terms, blinded by the passion, crime of passion, and on and on the list can go, but this is not about that type of passion.  It’s about that hunger way down deep that can only be satisfied when the fire of passion is fed.  What holds us back what keeps us from taking that first step and start climbing the tree, is it the risk of it all, or is it that other powerful emotion, fear, but fear can be a good thing to keep unbridled passion a little more controlled.  Now here is one good reason the lady lizard get back in the tree so quickly.

North Fort Myers-20130807-00970(1)


Now to you and me this is just a harmless black snake, but to the lizard it’s a real life or death threat.  The irony is although the snake hunts on the ground and in trees, the lizard knows that the further out on the limb she climbs the better her chances are of staying alive.  There is a better chance out on the limb, simply because of the snakes weight, this particular snake is a little over four feet long, compared to the five inch long lizard.  In this case out on the limb advantage lizard, but on the ground advantage snake,  and believe me when I say this snake is as quick as lightning on the ground, while the lizard can only run so far before it has to stop and catch its breath, advantage snake on the ground.

Is Fear Stopping Us From Creating What We Are Passionate About:

Could it be that is the real suggestion or question, fear imagined or real, is an emotion that goes hand in hand with “passion.”  As an example some of us have very a “passionate” fear of “snakes” lets substitute the word “snake” and replace it with “failure” the faces of fear are international as well as universal, fear of failure does not discriminate.  Now the flip side of the coin is this, take a look around and we will find people with the same “passionate” fire as we do, and they are already out on the limb just waiting for us, that should kick fears butt, so there goes the excuse of fear.

A Question Once Asked:

I was once asked by a friend of mine to explain how it was that a job I once had, that didn’t pay all that well, and when you left for work that day or night there was no guarantee you would make the return trip home.  The answer just rolled out of my mouth, and if you are passionate and love what you do, this will be easy to understand.  When you love what you do and and the fire of passion for what you is so hot and you have created a way to make it a reality, something that creates that type of passion inside, hell you would do for free for awhile if you had too.  Now that’s the kind of passion this article is about.  I have written this article out of respect for a man that was  passionate about both his life, and job.  No matter how far out on the limb, he had to climb there was no hesitation,  he went.  For those of you that have pinned the “badge” on and “strapped” your fire arm to your side, you understand exactly the passion this article is about.

Sgt. Mike Wilson:

Thats his name, one of our local Deputies , shot and killed after arriving at the location of a domestic call.  A wife and three children are now without a husband, or dad.  He lived his passion and has answered the call, and the question, “How Far On The Limb Are We Willing To Climb And Create What We Are Passionate About.”  The picture below has a distinctive look, it’s a White Bird of Paradise, the colors are bright and clear for only a few hours.  It had opened to bloom the very night Sgt. Wilson gave his life, I was blessed to get a picture of it at just the perfect moment, and this is my personal interpretation of it:  “As the fog clears, one of our “Brothers” has gone 10-7 on Earth, and just gone 10-8 in Heaven”


“How Far Out On The Limb Are Willing To Climb And Create What We Are Passionate About” that’s the question only you can answer.  For me I choose to “climb” to the end of the limb, simply that is where the sweetest fruit will be found.






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