“How LinkedIn Twitter And Others Can Help How You Write And Why”

Expect the unexpected, the people that know me expected that one day I would find a way to say “Thank You” and this is what “How LinkedIn Twitter And Others Can Help How You Write And Why” It’s a thank you note, for all the great information and suggestions that have truly helped me and many others.  Sharing is Caring and these fine folks I follow on these and other sites , have graciously shared what the know for the betterment of all.

Bold Paragraph Breaks:

That’s suggestion I found on both “LinkedIn and Twitter” and it came from folks who have been making a living at this for years.  That kind of suggestion or advice you don’t sweep under the rug, let me rephrase that, we all have choices that we can make, I chose to use the advice and put it into practice, but as always at Perceptiionstoday, you do what works best for you, that the way life works, choices we make.

Use Photographs:


Using photographs is one of the best suggestions I have gotten, but not just any random photo, but one the fits in with what your writing about.  I choose to insert the full size shot, it’s a personal choice and this is “why.”  There may be a reader that has a burning passion for flowers, imagine for a moment it’s me or you.  Then imagine we have reached a point in our journey of life when going outside and “smelling the roses” is just not possible anymore.
I take these pictures with that thought in mind, and I try to get the best angle that will show the complete flower from stem to stamen,to pollen, and the soft graceful curl and subtle colors.  It’s my goal and obligation to the people who read what I write, to make it as real as it gets, and create the urge to get a little closer to the screen, breathe in and smell the sweet fragrance that only Mother Nature can provide.

What Has Helped Me Most:


Pictures like this, it not only tells a story but it shows the story as it unfolds.  How many of us have been fortunate enough to observe a honey bee in flight, getting ready to perform what nature designed it for, pollinate the flower, and collect the nectar, and return to the hive and in the end, sweet honey is produced.  Write real and truthful content, when I took this picture, I was focusing on the colors and textures of the flower, and how deep inside you could see the sweet nectar laying in wait.  I use what I have, by BlackBerry smart phone, and just as I pressed the take picture button, the bee you see, flew right into the picture, and landed deep inside the flower.  Thats as real and truthful as it gets, an unexpected gift, does it surprise me, no there are no accidents in things like this, the bee was “supposed” to be in the picture, and as we all can see it is.

Write An Article Not A Book:

That’s probably one of the best suggestions that has helped me out the most.  Write what your passionate about, then let the story come to an end.  This short article was all about, “How LinkedIn Twitter And Others Can Help How You Write And Why.”  And Thank You for your help.

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