“How Change Works With A Plan And Without”

Expect the unexpected, and from the looks of the featured image it does not appear that the “lady” was expecting what she found, but she had a plan for that.  The picture was sent to me in an email from and friend it’s not mine, and many thanks to who’s imagination came up with it, I hope you don’t mind if I borrow it because it fits right into “How Change Works With A Plan And Without.”

A Change Without:

An example of “change” with no plan is this flower bush , it was moved to try and “hide” some unsightly vents , a without a plan change.


This Hibiscus plant was moved from a location that provided it with sunshine from dawn until dusk.  Each day you could count on new blooms and new flowers, now it’s been two weeks since it was moved and not the first flower has bloomed.  It only gets about 2 hours of sunshine a day and this is the result of that change without a plan, there has been none of these.




Same plant as what we see in the picture above, but now the plant that gave these flowers each day sits barren, and heck does not even cover the vents.  I suppose that the two pictures could define us, when we choose, to “change without a plan.”  On the other hand who knew, I did of course, but lucky for me I have been around flowers and plants, and mother nature most of my life.  I am confident that other plans will be made to make a change with a plan that allows mother natures plan to work out, and for the bush to do what it is intended to do produce beautiful flowers, and feed bees, and birds that was her plan from the beginning.

Up Date On Change:

There  was a “change” that took place while I was away, it had nothing to do with a man made “plan”.  The Hibiscus bush and Mother Nature over came change without a plan this way.   The plant had to adapt to the amount of sunlight it received each day, and rearrange its cycle of life.  The plant had no control over the change that was made, but complete control over how to overcome the disruptions in its life, and came up with an alternate plan.  Sound a little familiar?  Today the plan paid off, and what you see below are the first flowers this plant has produced in over three weeks.  Planned or Unplanned move, it has found a way to overcome the adversity and do what it was always intended to do.  Another lesson in life for us all, courtesy of the Universe and Mother Nature of course.



Unexpected Change:

Those are the ones that catch us by surprise, those ones that in the pulverable blink of any change our lives, that’s when we come up with a plan to move on and deal with whatever it is that has come along and made an uninvited change, now those are the ones that require or should you choose for yourself, plans.  We can if we choose to make it like planning a trip or a journey  and as a matter of fact, I am writing this from a little trip or journey, you choose which one you like, that I am currently on now, new views, new sights, new ideas, and I be danged this is one of the “Changes” that was planned.

New View:

Now lucky me this is one of the views I was blessed with first thing this morning, as for me what a heck of a way to start the day.



Wow, what a sight, a “Morning Glory” and the way the early morning light was reflecting, it was that magical moment to me, that the sunrise could be seen coming from the center of the flower, and with a new bloom waiting to greet the world in the morning.  That was worth the long drive in the rain, and then I was blessed with seeing this.


I planned to be in the beautiful place for a few days, and with so many things I have not seen yet or taken pictures to share, I am inviting you if you choose, to come and share and join me on this “How Change Works With A Plan And Without” trip.



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