“How Becoming Homeless Overnight With A View Of What It Looks Like”

Expect the unexpected, and I suspect you did not expect that the “feature image” with a title of the Article, “How Becoming Homeless Overnight With A View of What It Looks Like.”  To be a barren tree, and make no mistake, it was a home, just like so many homes of our fellow humans and neighbors, had and just like that they were gone in the middle of the night.  Perceptionstoday, is all about looking a life with an open mind, what we and I will speak for me has caused me to “pause” and ask what a home is in the first dang place.

The photograph below  begs the question, is a home a home, or simply a place to stay.  Lets ponder this, how many  of us still live in what is affectionately known and called “The Old Home Place”


Yes that was the top of the “barren” small tree at the beginning of the article, and now it’s laying in a heap of trash.  It was home for many frogs and lizards, providing shelter and protection for predators. and just like that with one swipe of a machete it was gone over night.  This was the last photograph of a living creature in this case a frog, all other creatures abandoned the tree, it no longer provided what it took to sustain safety and life.  It’s not hard for me to relate the picture we see to the pictures we all saw on what ever or choice of news is.  Were homes, or simply places to stay, and if you have read what I write, you know I am not blowing smoke in your ear, I personally just like so many others, had a home disappear overnight as well.  And that again begs the question, a home or a place to stay.  Bye the way all the little creatures all found new places to stay, some safe some not, but none found a “home” per say just another place to “stay.”

Let Me Be Clear:

Losing one’s home is one terrible shock, and the ramifications usually last for months, and years, and in some unfortunate cases a life time.  One huge determining factor is “age” a serious and urgent matter to consider.  Having a place to stay helps disintegrate the fear of living in the streets, especially for folks that have worked hard all their lives, then suddenly realize what they have on their back to wear is what they have on.  How many can say, that they are exempt from “becoming homeless over  night?”

Examples Of Places And Homes:

I take all the photographs I use in these articles and in all sincerity, some of the pictures stopped me and may stop you in our tracks,  and has raised some credible questions concerning Homes and Places to stay.


What would you say if you were asked, and we all are. Is this a home for this big dang frog or just a place to stay for the night.  It’s a stand up concrete ashtray,  The hole is so small it amazed me to see it just coming and coming out of the hole.  A home, not in it’s wildest dreams, and safe place to stay for the night, worth the tight squeeze.  The following photograph really tickled my funny bone.. trust me it goes to the other extreme.


Now you can imagine a double take had to be taken to be sure what was looking at me out of the small hole, was a frog, that resembled a nonchalant drive down the road with it’s left hand fingers and all doing what looked like a finger tap keeping up with the beat of the song coming from the radio, and he was not missing a beat.  And the question of course is this, is this the little guys home, or a place to stay?  If we really want to get real with it, I will be the first to admit, that some times a so called home, is no home at all, just simply a place to stay. “Homeless Overnight” how could that be, he never had a home at, since it was an egg and a tadpole, its been a constant place to place change.


It may appear at first glance that this beautiful blue wasp is building a home, to assume that could come with one heck of a price.  The light brown object you see to the left and just in front of the hole she is digging made that fatal mistake its a male wasp, he not going home he is going to a place.   She is building a nest to lay her eggs, not a home, and when she is finished she will drag the dead male suitor down deep in the hole, lay her eggs on its body and then cover the nest up.  When the eggs hatch, they will have a ready made meal,  All of this takes without the benefit of a thing called “Home” the cycle of life completed and it’s all done with the place to “stay” for awhile.

“How Becoming Homeless Overnight With A View Of What It Looks Like” was inspired by the things Mother Nature lets us all see each day.  For those of us without homes, a small reminder, at times a place to stay is the only break we need.  Make the break and I will sooner or later see you some place.




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