“How Do You Know Where Your Veggies Come From”

Expect the unexpected, but there is one thing we can all expect and that is, times change.   There is not way in the world I could have ever guessed I would be writing an article with the title “How Do You Know Where Your Veggies Come From.”  It’s as simple as this, I have known the man I am writing about for 57 years,  and as we know the Internet had not even been invented yet.  For those that have the impression that the “web” is old, it’s just started, 50 years is not really that long ago.  But the man I am talking about has had his “green thumb” in gear since he was a kid, how do I know all these things, he is one of my younger brothers, truth in content, and let me in on a secret he loves to put his hands in and grow things, in what he affectionately refers to as “dirt.”

IMG-20130826-01260Yes this is a picture of my brother Steve, more commonly known in his part of the world, “The Veggie Man”  now take this to the bank, his passion for “growing” burns , so white hot, I’ve seen him grow things in buckets, when it comes to imagination and creation, in new ways, to overcome adversity, he is one of the folks that is at the top of the list.

Let Me Be Clear:

Yes, this is my brother I am writing about, but that has no impact on the way it’s written.  I would write it the same if I were writing about you, or for your small business, or large.  Verifiable, factual, truthful content is what it’s all about.  Made up stories are great”fairytale” books.  It would be hypocritical as well as detrimental, for all of us, if I were to write a “crock” of BS just because he my brother, and heck, I don’t even write BS about myself,  nuff said.

IMG-20130826-01261It appears to be the same picture, but it’s not, if you look at the top picture you will see the body is turned differently, and the left arm you see here, is clearly in the front on the picture above.

Why Compare:

At times it take a closer look to see the minute differences, experience.  That’s the point, its not what you see you get, it all about what “he” sees you get, after 30 years, there is no doubt that what I get from him is the best that he has.  By the way did I mention, “Customer Service” you can bet the tomato he cultivates and grows that, for that is what truly bears fruit.

IMG-20130827-01288These ladies are “Free Range Hens” for about $4.00 a dozen, they are some tremendous tasting eggs. I am going to provide you a link to his site, but before I do the question to you is”How Do You Know Where Your Veggies Come From”http://veggieman34.com

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