“How Much Truth Is Found On Labels Is It Correct Or Opinionated Guess”

Expect the unexpected, if your expecting this article to be about “labels” on cans and boxes and products we buy, although these are important to check out, the question is “how much truth” is found in the print?   Why is it important the the “label” be “correct “and up to date, there will come a time, when some kind of  “label” will be slapped on your “ass” thats life expect it.  The question we all have to answer for ourselves, and yes sometimes we can use a little help to answer “How Much Truth Is Found On Labels Is It Correct Or Opinionated Guess”

I use photographs of nature to illustrate what I write, you see what I see when I look through the lens, Nature has no labels its real life and it is what it is.  Each photograph has a story to tell and when the time is right the story finds its way out.  I write real life stories of the I people meet, each one has a story to tell, from priests to prostitutes and everything in between.  There are no “labels” just opinionated guesses.  The point to me is made very clear by the featured image of a leaf eating plant killer, what kind of label would we come up with define him.  Humans change, and this is why I have a passion for doing what I do, one photograph will remove the label and reveal the truth.


What once was a plant eater, with not really much eye appeal, has changed into this beautiful butterfly, that is pollinating flowers, just exactly as Nature intended for it to do.  What label would we put on it now?  I personally don’t believe that “labels” have a place not when it comes to our fellow human beings.  Labels are for boxes and cans not people.

Opinionated Guess:

There is an old saying about opinions, we have probably all heard it before, and because I have quite and few “younger” readers who enjoy the pictures I take of nature, I am going to reword the phrase just a little.  Can you guess whats behind door number three, thats a game that is played that causes no harm.  An “opinionated guess” is not knowing the facts but preaching it as gospel to whom ever will listen and selling it like it were true.  Everyone has and opinion they are like anuses everyone has one of those too, but just because we have one thats a subject we keep to ourselves.  When opinions with out facts get out of control harm is done to others, will it come back and bite you in the ass of course it will, and then, yes you guessed it you will have earned the “label” of someone that has two of them, and its not ears I am talking about.

Truth Sets Us Free From Labels:

Now lets get down with the real deal on all this “label” crap.  How many of us walk around and the terrible thing we believe all this cock and bull “label” stuff, that either we or someone else keeps reminding us of.  We allow that crap you know.  Let me introduce you to a friend of mine, he wears a label too, take a look in a different light, and I can assure you right now he doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks, and again I use nature simply because its real and true.


Take a good look, this little gift from the Universe and Nature opened my eyes, you think for one second he really gives a hoot, what someones “opinionated guess” of him is?  His beautiful colors, set him apart, hell yes he is “labeled” now listen up, he is a perfectly normal healthy wasp, he knows what he is and confident as hell.  Take those labels and throw them out, they were meant for other things like cans of soup, not people.

Why Write This Article Now:

It’s that time of year when depression can sneak up on us.  Always remember there is a good way out, talk with someone you know and trust.  Not just anyone rather someone who knows exactly how you feel, and understands what your saying.  Simply put, if they have not been to hell themselves and as hard as they try and want to help, God bless them they don’t have a clue how to help you out or provide the experience to keep you out.

The word easy you have not seen in the article until now, and there is a reason for that.  Be assured I know what I am talking about, yes I have been to that terrible hell myself, and if you have been there too and found your way out, it’s your obligation as well as mine, to reach out and grab the hand of the ones who have the courage to keep fighting to get out each and everyday.

The irony of it is this it’s life and life is meant to be lived.  Now listen close, this is one of the most important things I am about to write.  If one day you find that the ones that put the label on your back, with their hands reaching out from that dark hole of hell,  take it and help pull them out.  The sad truth is that some don’t make it out of the depths of depression and take their own life.  Recently a close friend and fellow Veteran, gave up the battle and took his life.  The theme song “Suicide Is Painless” is damn sure wrong.

A Promise:

Here is a promise from me to you, and once again Nature provides the inspiration.


Go Bloom, “How Much Truth Is Found On Labels Is It Correct Or Opinionated Guess”

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