“How Many Lives Are Changed By The Actions Of One”

Expect the unexpected, and we won’t be surprised or dismayed when it becomes personal and discover, “How Many Lives Are Changed By The Actions Of One.”  The “One” may not be someone else, it could very well be our own actions that create changes in the lives of the many that surround us.  Now if your a hermit and live on the moon, and there is no one around but yourself, the actions you take effect only you, thats the point, no one lives on the moon yet, so “How Many Lives Are Changed  By The Actions Of One”  is a valid question.

Why The Flower And The Bee At The Top Of The Page:

They are part of the answer, I take photographs of nature and use them as illustrations in the articles I write.  The bee is busy doing what nature intended for it to do, working hard at a job that is beneficial not only to the flower but to we the human race.  The honey that will be made from the nectar the bee will get from the flower is one of natures best natural healers.  For many the beauty of the flower is a powerful healer of the soul, it’s a unique one of a kind piece of art created by mother nature herself.  Little did I know that the photograph you see of the bee and the flower would be the last picture taken of the flower filled bush.  The  actions of one, forever changed that.


This is what Mother Nature took years to create, there was a whole community of creatures that could be found at this place.  Each creature doing what it was created to do, not much different than me and you, we were all created for a reason, we have a contribution to give, we are not here just taking up space.  Why do I believe that with such a strong conviction,  just like many and maybe one is you, how many times  and against all odds, life should have ended for me and you, but for reasons that no one can explain we are still living a breathing. For me I accept it like this, I am not finished with what I was created to do and that also includes you.  Life and Mother Nature work that way.

The Chain Reaction:


There is so much more involved when “Lives are changed by the actions of one” what we are looking at is a gift from Mother Nature, that exist only in a photograph now.  The tree is another one of natures natural healers, the fruit of this Papaya tree is a common used  remedy for the digestive system.  It also was a natural safe haven for this sleepy eyed frog, why would the frog matter at all, it was designed to be a pesticide free, insect control, nature does not create things  that don’t fit her needs.  I feel blessed to have the photograph, because all thats left now is a barren piece of ground.  I share these pictures in the stories I write, there is a simple reason for that.  There are many folks that are passionate about nature, who are unable to get out due to a physical condition, I am grateful that  I am able to get around and because I can I strongly believe  it’s my personal obligation as a member of the family of man, to share these pictures of nature with the hero’s and friends who can’t get out and see them for themselves.  That is the flip side of “How Lives Are Changed By The Actions Of One”

This Is Why The Flowers Cried:


What once was a place teaming with life, is now a dead space of rocks and sand.  This also applies to everything in life.  Business,family you can finish the list.

The Full Effect:


Thats whats left of what Mother Nature created over the years, what is done is done, in one way, but in the large scope of things it has only begun.  Why would I say that, it is as simple as this.  The “actions of one” is a part time resident who is only here in the winter months, which happen to be the driest time of the year, rain is a rare thing.  Being a native of this state, what happens in the summer time, is why the Native flowering plants were planted in the first place years ago.  It rains mostly everyday, and when it rains its falls in inches, thats just our normal rainy season, that alone is enough to wash the barren sand and rocks away, without the roots of the bushes embedded in the soil, there is nothing to hold it in place.  The chances of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms are as real a snow storms coming off the Great Lakes.  I think that picture has been painted well enough.

Mother Nature Can Always Be Found When Take The Time To Look


And there she is with a little small gift, a butterfly resting just long enough to allow the photograph to be taken, then it was on its way doing what butterflies do.  Nature the great teacher of life, does not pay much attention to “How Many Lives Are Changed By The Actions Of One”  She has her own agenda and its larger than the actions of one.

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