“How The Life Of A Butterfly May Free Us From The Prison Of Our Past”

Expect the unexpected, and the truth is that I expected to be writing an article about this when the time was right, and there is no way I can ignore that little soft voice that inspires me and is my guiding light.  Yes,it’s that same small voice that wakes you up in the middle of the night, and fans the fire of passion for what you do, white hot.  “How The Life Of A Butterfly May Free Us From The Prison Of Our Past”  is the gift of a creative imagination, a small soft voice, and a fire of passion.

Our Past:

Most of us have one, I do there is no doubt about that, to be honest, I have led a full life, many of us have.  By merely being human, I would suspect that there are very few of us that don’t have a skeleton or two in the closet, hoping the bones don’t rattle to loudly.  The only thing worse is the fear that one day the door suddenly opens and the bones from the past come crashing down all around our feet, depending on the situation that can be one hell of a mess to clean up.  Old bones belong in the trash of the past, our past is ours, we lived it once and it can’t be changed, old bones bring the past into the present, many times the past and present don’t mix well at all especially when old bones show up as a surprise.   That’s a lesson from the past I learned well.  The “butterfly” can’t change what will be a destructive “past” and we can’t change ours, the prison of the past won’t hold the butterfly, the magical change is made, the past is left behind and it’s free to fly into the future.  When the “butterfly” change is complete, there is no resemblance to its former look, the change is quite apparent.  The difference for us is, we still look like what we were before our change took place,  what changed was from the inside, the change may take longer to notice.  That only applies, thankfully, with the folks you have known, not with the new “flowers” or people that we meet.

The Life Of The Butterfly Begins With Destruction:


The “butterfly” had the past that leaves a path of destruction, in many ways it could be considered a pest.  It can destroy tender leaves and sprout flowers that produce fruit, vegetable gardens are a favorite place to find and eat the food that is required to sustain life and prepare the prisoner of gravity to soon be free to fly through the air with ease and grace.  There is some life altering changes about to take place, we ourselves go through many life changing situations ourselves.  This soon to be “butterfly” has no choice its transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, is its natural cycle of life.  When the time is right for the change in life to begin, it will confine itself in a self-made “prison” or cocoon.  For a short time as the change takes place the freedom to move around will be lost, in reality, what he was in the past, is changing forever, a new way of life and the new way it will look, nothing like it looked in the past.    When the change is complete and it spreads its brand new wings and is free to fly away what will be remembered most, its destructive past, or the beautiful butterfly it has now become.

The past is forever changed, and the “life of a butterfly” has only just begun.  Freedom from the “prison of our past” can take place easier than turning a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.


Once the change is complete and we are “free from the prison of our past”  we must take total control over who, if anyone we allow to dig up our bones that we have thrown away in the trash bag of the past.  Many of us have gone far to long allowing relatives,friends,spouses and our own children to dig up the bones of our past and use them as they please, constantly reminding us of what was instead of taking the bones from their hands and requiring them to get over all that crap and take a look and understand what is.  We don’t have to be reminded of it, hell we lived it we know exactly what mistakes we may have made, some of us paid a heavy price, that was the past, and it can’t be changed, those things belong to us.  I refuse to allow anyone to dig up the bones of my past, if someone wants to dig up bones they can go dig up their own, I am pretty confident there are enough bones to go around.  It makes no difference to me, in the stage of life I or you are in now, who the hell it is, it’s an all-inclusive list, if you choose to keep what was alive and well in your mind, the what is now has made the conscious choice, that the what is now has buried the what was then,  and I suspect there is not too much we need to talk about, that how freedom from the prison of our past turns out.

This Article Was Written For Myself And Anyone That Can Relate:

For myself, and I can’t speak for you, this article was past due to be written.  I write stories and articles that are true If I have not done it, seen it, lived through it, or found a way out, I don’t write about it. The bottom line is this, we all have made misktakes we wish we could change and a past we would like to re-write.  We have no control over the past, what we do have control of is, will we let the past control us, or will we choose to have the courage to control it?  And now you know “How The Life Of A Butterfly May Free Us From The Prison Of Our Past” was about.  Now if you so choose go fly.

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