” 4 Things Nature Knows About Change That We Should Learn”

Except the unexpected, and expect and be prepared as much as one can be, for “4Things Nature Knows About Change That We Should Learn” in the blink an eye and with no warning, a life event beyond our control, will put and has placed many of us on the road of reinventing ourselves, that’s the change this article is about.  A disabling workplace accident, the loss of a job that will not return, the death of a spouse that was the sole household provider, of income.  When the ability to do what we did that provided income and security, for ourselves, is no longer a reality, and to be specific, if you belong to the “boomer” generation, as I do,  the shock can be overwhelming.  That’s a “change” happening more and more each passing day, month, and year.

Life has no airbags and for the last five years, I have personally been traveling the road of change, reinventing myself.  For we that are here on this road now, we are being joined by more and more Life Survivors each day.  Whatever life event got us here, is irrelevant, it’s in the past.  Before I continue, there is a real issue I choose to address. It’s the holiday season, and some us may be near the end of our rope, hold on tight to the rope, and don’t lose hope.  Your not alone, “change” is a part of life, and you will learn, that a door can be built, in that wall your up against.  With the end of the emergency extension of unemployment benefits, the urgency for creating a “change” however small has taken center stage for over a million individuals.  That does not include the family members, choices are being made at this very moment, what comes first, food,  medicine, and maybe the largest question of all, will my family end up living on the streets?  Petrifying is a word we hear describing the situation, debilitating, may describe that fear more accurately.  Change, for most, came in a blink of an eye, unexpected, but just a devastating, like death, or when a tornado turns your home and business into nothing but sticks.  Both unasked for changes, but both needing answers and remedies.  For those that have been on the road of change for a while, practical suggestions, there is no pie in the sky solution, the truth is the truth, and that’s one hell of a wall to make a doorway through.  This is the last article for 2013, and it’s meant to be a light for 2014, the year of change and hope.

Nature is the master of change:

I use Nature quite often as illustrations in the articles I write; she is the master of reinvention and change.   She will not tell you a lie, the stories she tells are not sugarcoated, raw, and real are the only stories she tells.  What Nature Knows and is willing to share, I have been fortunate to have been able to capture in photographs.  She has silenced the voices of many a “naysayer” on what is possible.  If you’re starting out, you will be surprised at who the loudest “naysayers” turn out to be.

Nature knows about change with age:


This Florida Panther, unexpected change all its life, It is now on the endangered species list, she is getting a little older, that’s true, but what is not true is this. She has not allowed the changes around her, stop her from leading a full and productive life.  She made a few adjustments she had to make to fit her new path.  When it comes to change and reinvention, it appears the Female gender, are more efficient at the task, than we are as males. That’s a personal observation, when it comes to change, the female gender learns faster than we do as males, we don’t have to recreate the wheel, we only need to adjust the way in it rolls on our new path.  Nature Knows, the Perceptions we had yesterday, without changes being made, just don’t fit the reality of what is today.  As an example, a panther has been spotted in a remote residential area.  Humans want the panther removed, hats of the Florida Wildlife Commission.  They rightfully stated to the residents, “you moved into its home it did not move into yours.”  Nature know about reality better than most.

Learn why Nature knows the power of plan B:

Although nature is the master of reinvention and recreation, she is as vulnerable to change in the blink of an eye as we are.  The difference between nature and some of us, there is a backup plan or plan B that without hesitation, takes over for plan A until it’s is up and running after a few adjustments have been made.  It’s a personal choice to have or not have a plan B. However the one thing I am certain of is, the photograph below and the story it tells would be a blank space if plan A was the only option available.


The entire Morning Glory vine was destroyed under the guise of saving money on lawn care, a perfectly useful creation of nature, and the all to a familiar excuse of “saving money” was used in the unsuccessful attempt eliminate it from Natures workplace.  Have a slightly familiar ring?  The technology that created the weed eater learned, you may be able to destroy the vine, but nature recreates itself from a very very small thing called a seed.  What we see is and what we can learn about any situation we may be in it just takes a seed, to grow a new vine.  Change overnight has a way a creating something better, plan B, seeds of experience.  Most of us don’t need to learn that, we just need to remember, even the Giant Redwood Tree, began as a very small seed.  When the smoke clears, check out the seeds of experience in our bag, imagine all the places new seeds can and should be planted.  I won’t blow smoke in your ear, it takes time and determination, but small seeds grow.  Life is raw and real, not a Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale.  Shake up the seeds in the bag, roll them out on the table, what you have in your bag, someone else needs, change, large or small, creates new ground for new seeds.

Nature knows about ability change:

The feature image of the butterfly and lizard, for me, is both amazing as well as a driving force of inspiration for me.  You choose if it is something you can use, as I can only speak for myself.  Getting a good photograph of a butterfly at times is the most challenging pictures I take, they quickly change locations with no warning.  I was blessed to have captured the following photograph, like many others I have a disability, which involves a hand arm and shoulder.  Change and reinvention are learning to use what we have left.   Ever try to catch a butterfly with a net, or your hands?


Right out of mid-air with just its mouth.  Needless to say, Nature showed me at least, the word impossible, was something that needed removing from the vocabulary I use.  Like life itself, the picture is real, it’s raw, and I consider it an honor to share it with you.  Disabled hell no, enabled, most assuredly yes.  If I were to tell you “change” and creating something new was easy, I would be blowing smoke in your ear, and that’s something I refuse to do.  As for me, you choose for you, Nature knows what I need to learn, and one single photograph is worth more than any thousand words I could write.

Plan A:

My plan A is to write for a living, but you can find plan B on the “Services” page.  Shake up the seeds in your bag, and I can assure you, what you know someone else needs, and are willing to pay, or barter and trade to get it.  This article is designed to create hope and determination.  There is a plan in place that by the end of 2014, this small one-man business of me will be joined by another.  That’s the goal.  The “gurus” say storytellers will be in demand; that’s a prediction.  A goal is a plan we use that helps the prediction become a reality.  At 65 I still have the burning passion to write.  Are there better writers than I am? Yes, but the real question is are there better storytellers than me, I can hold my own have practiced the craft starting at the tender age of 5 years old.

Nature knows a rainbow does not require rain:

“4 Things Nature Knows About Change We Should Learn”  was inspired by the many that have helped me as I have traveled this new path of change.  Please share it with a friend, if you believe it may be of use.  Today sharing is caring, and in one way or the other, what we give out we get back.  There is a REPLY icon at the top of the page if you feel so inclined to leave one, please.  Oh, the “rainbow.”



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  1. Sam Edge

    “Life has no air bags” I can relate. I appreciate the candor in the article and the insights for moviing forward. I’m just coming out of a bitter custody dispute a little beat up and looking forward to some healing a breathing room in 2014.

    All the best to you and yours in 2014.

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