“1 Buy Now Ticket To Hell For All Ages”

Expect the unexpected, but do expect “1 Buy Now Ticket To Hell For All Ages” to be raw and real.  We can choose to hide our head in the sand, but the truth is, so many of us “Buy A New Ticket To Hell” each month when we refill our “ticket” at the local pharmacy.  Dependence and addiction don’t give a damn about “ages” or social status.  I only write stories that are true, and the truth is, one day at a time, I deal with that “Ticket To Hell” myself.

Hell For All Ages:

One of the least-discussed areas of drug abuse in the United States involves our oldest citizens. Drug abuse by the elderly has been steadily on the rise for decades, yet the mainstream media almost completely ignores the issue. But make no mistake, this is a growing problem. The combination of a larger-than-ever senior population in the United States with an increase in the use of prescription medication has created a situation that law enforcement, drug abuse rehab centers and families around the country will all have to deal with in the coming years. This information was found at the following site:http://www.michaelshouse.com/drug-abuse/the-elderly/

1 Buy Now Ticket Disguise:


Don’t let the beauty of the Desert Rose fool you, yes it is enticing, but it is also a “ticket to hell” for a honey bee.  The entry to the flower is very wide, but narrows very quickly, and becomes very sticky.   A death trap with little chance of escape.  The insanity of “1 Buy Now Ticket To Hell For All Ages” is this.  Put it to the test yourself, who promotes a “Ticket To Hell For All Ages” the most?  Pharmaceutical Companies, of course, imagine that.  The United States is the only Country in the modern world that allows marketing of “Tickets To Hell” directly to we the consumer.  Television ads and just about every printed publication try this or ask your Dr. about adding this to what you are taking now.  The AARP magazine I get each month is full of these “Ticket To Hell” advertisements.  I call it insanity, but they call it cash flow.  Decide for yourself which one it truly is. There are so many so-called “elderly” that make their way to the pharmacy each month, to get the pain medication refilled.

1 Photograph depicts what we see before the “Ticket To Hell” is bought:


What we see is one healthy and beautiful tree, doing what Nature created it for.  I take photographs of Natures Majesty and use them as illustrations in the stories I write.  Now imagine the tree as someone in your life you know and love.  Or maybe it’s what we see each day when we look in the mirror, vibrant and full of hope.  By any chance does it look familiar?    The truth is you have no control over what happens next, especially if your not the one buying the “Ticket To Hell” yourself.  Those of us that bought the “Ticket To Hell” and by Grace made it back, know the frustration of having no control over anyone but ourselves brings, but that’s how the damn “Ticket To Hell” works.

The Ticket To Hell has steps; this is what you may see next:


Yes its the same tree, but there have been some very noticeable, and drastic changes.  When you see this type of change, in a loved one, or more specifically yourself, there are options and choices available.  The cold hard truth is this, only the person who bought the “Ticket To Hell”  can make the choice to get off the train bound for “hell”   and seek help, or keep on riding, until you reach “hell” itself.  The next photograph depicts “hell” vividly.

The Ticket To Hell has a destination:


For those of us that have been to this “hell” can tell you this is a pretty accurate depiction of what to expect when you find yourself in “hell.”  Now this is a life or death choice is made, and by now you know all one person can make the choice.  Choose what path to take, recovery or death, and that’s just the cold hard facts.  “1 Buy Now Ticket To Hell For All Ages” does not give one single damn about the choice that is made, hell we bought the “ticket,” and we took the ride by choice, and that’s another cold hard fact. Continuing update:  Another cold hard fact, like it or not, some of us never make it back we die.  Since this article was written, a person well known to me has been lost to the Ticket To Hell, bluntly they died.  Young with so much life, to look forward to, their struggle is over, and sadly, the struggle for those left behind, has just begun, not all of us make it to see.   There is a growing epidemic; that is coming and in many cases is upon us as I write this article.  What could I possibly be talking about, it’s simple, and it’s something that we as a society won’t be able to hide our heads in the sand and ignore like it does not exist.   The health care people I have talked to, the ones on the frontlines in this battle of  “1 Buy Now Ticket To Hell For All Ages” have already seen an increase of “Baby Boomers” like myself, showing up at Crisis Units.  Not because of any other reasons, than withdrawal symptoms, from all the drugs, that were prescribed, with good intentions, that for one reason or another, they are suddenly taken off of.  The main culprit is, a change of Health Care providers, due to changes in insurance or their “old” Dr. retires.  Don’t be “shocked” when I tell you that if you think putting a needle in your arm. is only the younger generations, problem, and you are so terribly misinformed.  I have talked to people in their 70’s that “shoot up” several times a day.  Why?  Their new Dr. has cut them off of the “pain” medication they have taken for chronic pain for years, and over time have become “dependent” on opiates. That is why I chose the title of this article “1 Buy Now Ticket To Hell For All Ages.”  The problem is real, and is going to escalate and that is not theory, that is fact, think not, just take a look in our loved one’s medicine cabinet, or “pill caddy.”

IMG-20140611-03492This “headline” is dated June of 2014, as I write this article it is September 2016.  How many Baby Boomers retire each day, I think the number is around 10,000 each day.  Still, think this article “1 Buy Now Ticket To Hell For All Ages”  Is only for a small “niche” of younger folks?  If you or we do we are missing the point and are totally unprepared for the wave of “addicted” seniors that are coming society’s way.

Recovery is a process:


What looks dead, brings forth new life, that my friends are the promise of recovery, you can bet your ass it is hard work.  Here is the payoff, when you make recovery a lifestyle, the “1 Buy Now Ticket To Hell For All Ages” can’t touch it.  Be well!






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