“A Gospel Gun The Tennessee Preacher A Story Of Book Thumper or Smoke Jumper”


Expect the unexpected, and really how in the world could one expect and prepare to hear a story like “A Gospel Gun The Tennessee Preacher A Story Of Book Thumper Or Smoke Jumper.”  I was lucky enough to hear it 20 years ago, and like a fine wine, its gotten better with age.  For those who don’t know what a “Gospel Gun” is, here is a small clue,
Another southern Sunday’s glow Beneath the steeple all the people have begun Shakin’ hands with the man who grips who “Gospel Gun” Shenandoah – Sunday In The South Lyrics | MetroLyrics .  Let me assure right now, this is not about “preaching” it’s more about common sense.  As always it happens to be true. When I first penned the article, I had no idea, that it would apply to the current Presidential Candidates.  I leave it to you to choose, who is who!

How does the tree fit into “Book Thumper Or Smoke Jumper?”

The truth is, you can “click” out now, or keep reading, but the answer that was found surprised the “hound” out of me.  This is what the “Tennessee Preacher” said, he paraphrased, the parable of the mote in our eye, when more concerned the speck in the eye of others.  He didn’t need the “Gospel Gun” to make the point he simply stated ” how can you see a speck of saw dust in someone else”s eye when you have a full-grown tree growing out of yours?”  The question is still valid today, thus thats how the tree found its way to the place you see it.  Or do we?

The Book Thumper Can Be A Danger To Your Health:


Its a real picture I was blessed to take, it portrays a “Book Thumper” in action, what it represents to you I leave as always to your imagination.  I may see a rose and you may see a goat, that’s the beauty of art and interpretation.  What is not seen however, is this, underneath the the tear in the leaf happened to be one of the dead beetles favorite meals.  Could it be it just read one chapter and not the complete book?  On the other side of the leaf there happened to be a “Smoke Jumper” and with out making a sound took action and escaped.  Now make no mistake we all have been a”Book A Book Thumper” at some point in our lives, and there are more “Gospel Guns” than you would imagine.  Here is a short list to get us thinking.

1.  The “Gospel” according to the Corporate Bible.

2.  The “Gospel” on customer relations and satisfaction.

3.  The “Gospel” on relationships, weather personal or business.

4.  The “Gospel” on writing articles, for me this is the one that is most important, each day when I look in the mirror I have to ask myself honestly, “David are you a “Book Thumper Or Smoke Jumper” today.  I believe I am not alone when the question is asked, do you?

5.  The Big Book “Thumper” that one needs no explanation, if you are familiar with the Big Book, we know exactly what it means.  Let me assure you there in NO step 13.

6.  Feel free, to add any other “Gospel” you choose.  There is a reply icon at the top of each page, utilize it if you choose.   There is only ONE RULE for this article, please don’t be a “Book Thumper” be a “Smoke Jumper.

The Tennessee Preacher Had A Name Bill:

He was a big man,  well over 6ft tall.  I never heard him yell or raise is voice in a fever pitch to make a point.  When he spoke everyone stopped to listen, he had earned that most important of all things to make a point, a 7 letter word, RESPECT.  He earned it with this simple actions and words, he put on no arrogant display, he was simply one of us.  When was the last time we heard or saw that, in a corporate meeting, or from your boss at work?



A “Book Thumper” thumps while the “Smoke Jumper” sees what has to be done and goes to work.  This photograph was taken months ago, to me it represents a “Smoke Jumper” at work.  How it ended up in this article, its a simple answer for me, as usual, you make your own choice.  My inspiration for capturing photographs then using them in articles comes from an entity so much large than me.   This is my own personal feeling, agree or disagree, and the truth is, it does not matter to me personally which one you decided to choose.  The “Book Thumper” has an ego problem, the “Smoke Jumper” sees the “Smoke” and does what it takes to put the raging fire out.

There is a”Book
Thumper” from the White House to the Outhouse.  The end result of a continual “Book Thumper” at times has the most reprehensible results such as this.  That’s the price that is often paid by someone other than the “Book Thumper”  and that my friend is an indisputable sad but true “Book Thumper” fact.

On an upbeat note this photograph may represent one of the best “Smoke Jumper” of all time:


This bee knows the “Book” chapter and verse, they never “Thump” they just are “Jumpers” They see the “Smoke” and do what it takes to get the job done. The question I leave with is all is this, “Gospel Gun The Tennessee Preacher A Story Of Book Thumper Or
Smoke Jumper” could we all use just a little more of this?




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  1. David Middleton

    A twist of fate. I wrote this article and it is non-fiction. It has taken a turn to also become Satire. If you like it share it, and if you are legit I would like to hear from you. Be Well


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