“2 Changing Faces Of The Homeless Both Real”


Expect the unexpected, it hasn’t been that long ago when what the picture depicts was and still in some cases is a typical “Homeless” camp, this one just happens to have a waterfront view.  The question is this, and is being asked more and more each day.  There are “2 Changing Faces Of The Homeless Both Real” 1: Is the face of the person that for any number of reasons, has lost it all due to economic or possibly physiological issues. 2: Is the person that do to an illness, such as a stroke, heart attack or some other disabling event, has a home but is unable to reside there.  Are they both considered “homeless?”  Thought provoking to say the least, Perceptions, of the term “homeless” may be changing, depending on what side of the fence we are on.  It appears that the rain gear on the limb is my size, I will let your imagination determine if they are or not.  “Research?”

Homeless or staying in a safe place?



Home and “Homeless” were explained to me like this by a dear friend from Chile.  Perceptions changed the day she explained it this way, its been a few years ago, so the explanation is paraphrased.  I did not get permission to use her real name, but I called her and still do call her “Nishh” she said 1. You can live in a house or home as big as a castle, and still be as homeless as the frog you see in the photograph I took.  Taking photographs and writing stories is a passion of mine that burns “white” hot, “red” hot does not even come close.  2.  You can live is a small place, and when you have the things that light your “passions” fire, that’s a home.  Back to the original question, “2 Changing Faces Of The Homeless Both Real”?  Very “real”  a small example of why.  As always you choose the answer that fits you.  That is what “Perceptionstoday,” is all about in the first dang place.


1 example:

The statistics suggest this, that as we grow older and live longer, which includes our parents as well as ourselves.  The “2Changing Faces Of The Homeless Both Real” become more prevalent, and create difficult choices and decisions each day.  It’s probably safe to say some of us have had or are now having to face this new reality of things, cold hard truth.  Imagine this, the “Condo” on the river is your home, but due to an illness you can’t live there, you have to “stay” with someone at an entirely different place.  You have nothing that makes the place your at “home” what is your thoughts on that?  Are you “technically homeless?” Please leave a reply, and if so inclined share with a friend, this could be one of the most important conversations to participate in, but as you know it’s your choice to do so or not.


Example 2:



This has been the view of your front yard for more or less just say 30 years, but now this is not what greets you each morning.  Is the front yard still yours or not?  These are real questions and situations faced by a staggering number of the “Changing Faces Of The Homeless” today.  The real deal is unless your the one faced with this “SNAFU” not one single person who has not experienced it has a clue on what you feel.  That makes as much sense and a male telling a female what it feels like to give birth to twins.  Get the point?  That’s the main reason I only write true stuff, you just can’t make this stuff up, and be credible.

Changing The Face:



Staying in your own “Home” as long as possible:

Studies have shown that being able to stay in ones own home for as long as possible, greatly enhances the quality of recovery, not to mention that important but often over looked word independence.  This is something you and yours may be going through now, and the truth is so is my family.  Suggestions a comments are welcomed, the way life works is simply like this “2 Changing Faces Of Homeless Both Real” could come knocking on your door next.  Here is a link you may want to look at:http://www.thehealingpages.com/reiki-and-pallative-care-hospices.  From my family to yours Gods Speed and Good Luck.

update:  A series will follow concerning real life experiences, the story is real and needs to be told.  Shining the light into the darkness, is like the “burning bush” without the light the Ram would have never been seen.  Fair warning, it contains facts about someone you know

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