3 Reasons That Being Hacked Did Not Piss Me Off


Expect the unexpected, and to tell the truth I expected one day to be “hacked.”  I only write true content, that comes from my life and the lives of others who share their stories with me.  “3 Reasons That Being Hacked Did Not Piss Me Off” is simple, take a good look at the wasp in the photograph.  I took that picture and used it in a story that only I was inspired to write.  Karma is a bitch they say, and the responsible party will understand completely, when the beautiful wasp decides to sting them in their ass.

Reason 1:

There are over a half century of stories that are uniquely mine, the same as other legitimate writers.  Truth in content is king, and that just the facts.  I may have to do some work at rewriting some articles that’s true.  “Being Hacked Did Not Piss Me Off” in fact it has given me the opportunity to write a story about you. Imagine that, now who is “Pissed Off” could it be you?

Reason 2:


Here is another “Reason That Being Hacked Did Not Piss Me Off”  this has been my home for just about 3 years now.  By Grace I have been able to write articles, as you well know, and have a presence on several social media sites.  The real and raw stories concerning this experience will be coming in truthful content articles soon.  I am a Veteran as many of us are, we cherish freedom of speech.  Now this may “piss you off” but we are appalled, and have a great disdain for a thief.  In a few days I will have a new home earned not stolen, getting the point yet?  “Being Hacked Did Not Piss Me Off” I tracked back your URL, and will gladly help you out by posting it on social media, that’s the least I can do for you, after all you have been such a big help to me, and countless others I would surmise.

Reason 3:



I take all the photographs I use in the articles I write, when I saw this I could not help thinking of you.  What your looking at is a Baynon Tree with a death grip choke hold on a Florida palm tree.  Nature has a unique way of explaining things in the most graphic visual way.  Imagine this, as fast as technology is moving today, it is only a matter of time before nature takes its course with “hackers” like you.  What you see in the picture took nature some time.  Make no mistake there is no escape for the palm tree, and in the end the same will apply to “hackers” like you.  Truth in content is King, I would hope you would not be upset because I have written a true article about you.  And now you know the “3 Reasons That Being Hacked Did Not Piss Me Off”.  I sleep good at night do you?






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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons That Being Hacked Did Not Piss Me Off

  1. David Middleton

    The spam my spam software has stopped is incredible. At times “Titles” indicate complacency, such is the case with this article. I did piss me off being hacked, time will tell what the response will be to the last one, I recently posted..


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