“10 Years Is A Decade Do We Think The Same Today As We Did Then”


Expect the unexpected and we will not be disappointed when the unexpected things come our way.  “10 Years Is A Decade Do We Think The The Same Today As We Did Then”  that’s the question, in many cases it appears there are no easy answers.  “10 Years is 10 Years” so age is this case is not an overbearing factor.  A “Decade” before this picture was taken, is it so far fetched to say, awe that’s a nice thing to do.  Or has the last 10 Years of scams and panhandlers changed the way we think?  Awe hell what is this guy up to and want does he want?  Food for thought,  The changing perceptions of everyday things.  10 years ago did we think that the following would be ripped out of the headlines?  Some of us saw this change of the way we think coming, either way, its a reality check on what is taking place today, and will be around for decades as we age.

Think Today As We Did Then:


Most of us qualify for Medicare at age 65, and if we are still thinking today that the face of addiction, is one of someone living under the bridge, or some of the other labels we put on the face of an addict, these are our parents, grandparents these headlines are talking about.  The people we love and care about, and believe this, it is one of the most difficult conversations, to bring out in the open.  It’s more complicated than the conversation most of us had explaining the “Birds and Bees”


A Decade From Now More Will Join The Group:


This is not “feel” good story, sadly its the cold hard truth.  As we live longer, and have more of our original hips, knees, elbows,shoulders, replaced.  More often than not we are prescribed pain medication, to make the process more tolerable.  The upside is it makes us more comfortable, one of the down sides is, when we dull the pain we are able to do things we used to do and there in lies the problem or for a better word the “trap”.  Think about this just for a minute and here is the “trap” if we are taking the medication today, and its making us feel better.  Then we stop taking it and we feel worse than crap, and we are back in the same old pain.  Honestly which option would you choose?  It’s so easy to become dependent, and it  can turn into a life long struggle to become independent, that is a hell of a battle at any age.

Projections For The Year 2020


“10 Years Is A Decade Do We Think The Same Today As We Did Then”  I don’t think the same as a decade ago.  And the numbers you see above don’t surprise me at all.  Why, I only write true stories, and I personally fight this damn demon each and everyday.  The question I pose is simple, have you had a talk with that loved one of yours, or more importantly yourself.  Here is a link to a companion article.


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