“2 Lives Were Changed By A Cannon Ball Dive”


Expect the unexpected, when I wrote “Before They Go 2″I was talking about asking questions, and talking and getting answers about folks we all know before they are gone and it becomes to late.   I left out a small thing or two, not really small this can be huge for them and for you and for us all.   This post is my reminder to me, to tell them what’s what and be real with it while they are still here.

We all have people that have touched our lives and shaped who we are, and your right, they don’t even know it.  The perception we form of someone or something, especially when we are a child, good or bad grow deep within us.  I prefer the good one’s.

Each time I see my brother, the one who was born right after me, the picture of this man and that Sunday afternoon, so long ago, floods my mind.   This is something I am sure his kids, and positive his grandchildren know nothing about, but they will now, because I am going to tell this story because I can and I should.

Years ago, when most my Dad’s family still lived in town, seem like every Sunday, everyone found their way to my grandmothers house, fried chicken, banana pudding, fried mullet, you name it all the fried stuff cooked over an open fire in a big cast iron cooking pot, you recall the ones that hang over the fire, held up by chains attached to a tri-pod, and if you don’t oh well you missed some of the “good ole” times.

She lived on a canal at the beach on a street that is still there, and the old house is tool.  Main St. That was long before the “Sky Bridge” and sea walls and the rest if this modern day stuff.

Just so happens all us kids were playing around, when danged if my brother didn’t fall right in the canal, heck he was a little fella and at the time could not swim, float, tread water, nothing at all.  I remember looking in the water and all I could see was his white, not blond hair floating around aimlessly.  Now I myself was just a kid maybe 6 or so, and what the hell could I do, not a thing but stand there with urine running down my leg, just knowing for certain that my beloved little brother would soon be dead.

I screamed like a little girl, “help he just fell in” panic is a mild word for what I felt.  Then out of the blue or sent from the blue, I will let you figure that one out.  Came a man running like a shot from a cannon, and much to my surprise, and delight without hesitation in the canal he went.  He grabbed my brother by his floating blond hair pulled his butt up and gave him air.  That picture is burned forever in my mind, and what impression did I have and still do of that man, and you can’t convince me differently, my brothers life saved.

This man had an unusual was of jumping in the water, he never dove, is always went in like a “cannon” ball, and that was don’t know if it still is one of his nicknames.   He calls me “Ketchup” to this very day, seems I like to drink it from the bottle then, maybe that’s why I don’t use the stuff today.

You see, this man is one of my Dad’s brothers, better know as Uncle Daniel to me, if you asked him about it, and if he still remembers he will tell you it was nothing he just did what he did.  I have not seen him in person in years, but like I mentioned each time I see my brother, Daniel floods my mind.  My brother has kids and grandkids of his own now, I will let you speculate if this would be possible if the one with the “Cannon Ball Dive”way of jumping in the water hadn’t been around.

You have a “Cannon Ball” in your life?  Tell what they mean and how they have effected your life, words of caution, don’t wait to long, better tell them now, just take a walk or pick of the phone.  Your choice not mine, tell them before they go, not tomorrow, but today.

“2 Lives Were Changed By A Cannon Ball Dive” is a true story, as is everything I am inspired to write.  Some of us are blessed with talents that others are not, is that not the uniqueness of the human race?  Storying telling is my passion, its passing history from generation to generation.  We all can’t build “space ships” but we all have the power and gift to change a life.  And on that day so many years ago, many lives were changed by the man with the Cannon Ball Dive.

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  1. David

    Thanks Aunt Gloria, It is my belief that we that remember the “13” in their younger days, have an obligation to share the stories. Telling the stories is the way to document for younger generations, the Roots of The Tree, we sprouted from.. Be well~Boats


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