“2 Moments In Time Brought To You By Mother Earth”



Expect the unexpected, and expect “2 Moment In Time Provided By Mother Earth” to remind us all, that “moments” are gifts and the only “moment” that really counts is the one we are living in “now.”

I was sent this wonderful picture via e mail by someone that knows what I do and it’s been in my “media”  file until today.  Yep you guessed it, it “flew” out and landed on the page your l0oking at in the “moment” that is” now.”  Who the picture was taken by and who it belongs to, is clearly located at the bottom of the photo.  Now credit has been given where credit is due, and for me, I sure am appreciative of the “moment” that was captured for the rest of us to see.

Did you see what you saw” was one of the first articles I wrote when I started out, and at first glance the picture looks like two “parrots” flying around.  And in away it is, and then again, its not, this is the time to let your “imagination” roam free, as you know there are no “boxes” permitted inside of this place called “Perceptionstoday.”

The unexpected:   I ask myself this question more times than I would like to admit, but the truth is the truth.  Like the “flower above how many times do I find and I would wager you too, myself chasing the “moment” in front of me, instead of enjoying “This Moment In Time Provided By Mother Earth.”  Fess up now, we all do, and when we do danged if we don’t miss some of the most special “moments” that were designed just for us, and that includes, me, I and you.

Now am I saying all the “moments” are easy to live in or through?   Why heck no, but the fact is they are “moments” we must live through simply because they make up yes, our “timeline” called life.  As an example, and when I use that phrase, it’s a phrase, that some one very “special” to me used,and shared “moments” in my personal life, and if I had to wager, and I will on this one, there is or was someone that shared or is sharing “special moments” with you.   And thats just the point of “2 Moments In Time Provided By Mother Earth,” this very moment not one that is past or may be coming in the future.    And for giggles and grins, with a point to make, do you think that the “ flower” in the rear of the picture will ever catch the one in the front?   The simple answer to that is no.  Why you may ask, it’s the “stem” that the “flower” is attached to!   And the real deal is, that is a perfect explanation of a moment in time, for me and well you know for you the choice is yours.

The moments in our,yours, mine, us we lives, cover everything we do, work, play, and you know your life, and I will leave the rest of the list in your hands and imagination.   If you choose before we go separate ways for this day, take a glance back at the picture and if you notice you will find “This Moment In Time Provided By Mother Earth” about to repeat itself, how look close between to “two” flowers in bloom, yes those are buds of “two” more flowers awaiting there “moment” in time.

Expect the unexpected, everything real everything  true

Thank You and Welcome ToPreciousMoments.com


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    Slowly but surely, since I was hacked I am finding and updating some of my favorites. Eventually it will all work out. New and Old Articles to write about. Regards


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