“3 Times She Said You Have To Be Kidding Me”




“ 3 Times She Said You have to be kidding me.’  Who she is I don’t have a clue, I wish I did know then I would be able to gratefully thank her for validating what Perceptionstoday is about.  Expect the unexpected you find someplace in each of my post’s, but in today’s fast paced and yes often “self centered” world except reactions like this.

I do business at a local convenience store close to where I live, you probably have one you frequent quite often too.

Today while paying for a product I purchased, with spare change nickels and dimes, as I sometimes do.  I woman I had never seen in my life got in line behind me, saw the clerk counting out the change and out came those famous words, ‘YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME.”  In less than 30 seconds the Assume process had started rolling around in her head.

I will admit that in the past I have been guilty of the same damn thing, and you probably have been to.  I was not dressed in white shirt or dress pants, rather jeans white shirt and ball cap.  If I had been all dressed up nice and neat her perception of me paying with change would have been quite different I am sure.



The astounding thing to me was there was another register open, but the one I was at was the closest one to the exit door.   She did not have to get in line behind me at all.  ” 3 Times She Said You Have To Be Kidding Me” I really had to control the laughter I felt trying to break out from way down deep.  This lady had no idea that I write true stories about everyday things, and it was the perfect example “did you see what you saw, or only what you wanted to see?”  The store clerks know what I do, and what my stories are about, and yes they got a few giggles and grins listening to the tirade taking place over having to wait a few extra seconds, even they informed her, I will take you at this register if you please.

A You Have To Be Kidding Me Up Date:

I am not naive but this took me by surprise, and I have read and heard the question “does a business web site need a blog”  my perception of that question is “Yes.”  I also am convinced that the owner of the blog should be the business that paid for having it built, and heres why.  They should have total control of what goes on the site, and be able to update it at anytime this change or something new they do comes along.  The one thing in life that is constant is change, and change comes at a very rapid pace.

The Scam:



Not that long ago, there were and still are many “site” builders  that promise this and that and twist the statistics of how a website will increase your business.  But what is left out is the common sense instructions, that the content must be up dated and relevant to make all the pieces come together.  These same site builders will be happy to up date it for you but only so many times per month, and at a fee, that’s real customer disservice, but who new then.  The selling point was the web site, not relative up to date content.  Now I anyone reading this would say “not me” we did not do that.  Then why are there so many questions about if a web site is really producing the desired ROI?  Just a legitimate question.

An Example:

I have a relative that has a successful home business, and yes they were talked into getting a web site to increase their presence on the web, and increase business.  Imagine this, they can’t get into there own site to up date it and add any thing new, so as a favor I used some of the tools we all have, and son of a gun, that sight had not had an update since 2009, but each month they pay for the privileged of having a web site irrelevant as hell, floating around in cyberspace.  And now It’s understandable how people get screwed when they think they are getting help… and bluntly did not even get a “kiss” for the privilege.  Let me assure you, that problem will be “fixed” very shortly.



That old saying of”never judge a book by it’s cover” is especially true today, always expect the unexpected.

A special thanks to the lady in line behind me today.

Thinking out side the box, when in reality there is no box.  3 Times She Said You Have To Be Kidding Me” and between old friends I sure am pleased she did.

Thank You and Welcome to Perceptionstoday.com

Every thing real everything true.

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