“Donald Trump Candidate For President Or Dictator?”: You Decide

Expect the unexpected, and when I created this site, Perceptionstoday.com, I had no way of knowing I would ever be the author, of such an article as the one I am going to write, with the title “Donald Trump Candidate For President Or Dictator?”: You Decide.”  What is one definition of perception?  According to Webster, “The result of perceiving insight, knowledge, observation.”   That has been the premise, of this site, since I chose and purchased the Domain name, that was 5 years ago, and will continue will be the driving force, that inspires me to write, articles that are open to discussion, and stimulate conversations, that make us all think and if you choose, you are welcome to respond, using the “reply” icon at the top the page, located just below, the Title, in the upper left portion at the top of the page.  All comments are held for “moderation” by me personally, and if your legitimate, and not some “spammer” which is easily determined by a simple “google” search of both the email address, and IP check.  Agree or disagree, I have no reservations of posting your comment.  We all have Perceptions which are as unique, as the individual who is reading the “written word” and chooses to respond, that is one of the freedoms, I personally don’t take for granted, that precious guarantee, of Freedom to “speak” without fear of Government censure.

Why did I choose the photograph I used as the “feature” image for this article?  Quite simple really, if you didn’t know the difference, between a harmless Blacksnake, and a potentially,  deadly Cottonmouth water moccasin, you may make a life altering mistake if you only assumed it was harmless, and found out to late, that the choice you made, could not only take your life, but change your life, if you are lucky enough to survive.  The story within the story begins with this.

Donald Trump President Or Dictator?:

Yes, Donald Trump, is a master in the use of Social Media, he has a Twitter account, that is one of the most prolific, that I have ever encountered.  What is so baffling to me, a free Citizen, who is a strong advocate of Freedom of Speech, the power to speak freely, without retribution, from the Government, is how his rants and raves, personally attacking, those that don’t agree with him, or “think” the way he does, go unchallenged, making what he says appear to be the “truth” when in fact, in most cases, they are so far from the truth, and purely, conjecture and propaganda, and as an individual running for President, clearly Unconstitutional, and he states “believe”me on his so called “programs” and to accomplish what he proposes, cannot be accomplished in a Free Republic, but rather only in a Dictatorship, which history has borne out. Each day the list grows longer, of his proposals, that defy what he may think he is immune from, the Constitution of These United States of America, only a Dictator would have total disregard, for what the founding Fathers, who knew from first hand experience, what it would take to make a Free Repulbic work.  Yes even Donald Trump, is not exempt from the guidelines of the Constitution, those safeguards were not a fluke or mistake, rather a uncompromising, deterrent, to prevent a “Dictator” from becoming the leader of These United States, period.  I will borrow, his campaign slogan “believe me” on that.  Donald Trump, feeding on the fears of recent world events, for his own political gain, a “real” Presidential Candidate, would use his influence to calm and reassure the people he wants to represent, not inflame the situation,  with some new claim of what he exclaims, he is certain he saw, on September 11, 2001.  It begs the question, if he “really” observed what he says he did, as a responsible American Citizen, why did he not “report” it then and there, to authorities who were searching frantically, for any remotely, related supporters of accomplices, in an Act of War, perpetrated against the United States? As it has turned out, his claims, of what he said he saw, have been investigated and debunked.  He continues to spread his so called “observations” as ” truth” and continues to stir the pot of controversy, in his campaign rhetoric, Why? Is that such an unreasonable question to ask?  Choose your own answer to that.

I have broken this article down into four categories, Non-Fiction Stories, Perception Changes, Fraud, and Satire.  Do they fit, like all the things I write, you the reader, will make the choice on that.  Choice, a powerful word, and an incredible and at times, a very mistaken action.  One example of that, is a documented piece of our history, and this is what  a “data base” to “track” certain perceived, universal threats to the United States, looked like during World War II

Fiction? No it’s true, fact checked, by American History.  Another fact is, if you assume I am a Democratic Voter, you would be most definitely wrong.  I am a registered, long time Republican Voter, and a Veteran, who believes, this 2016 election is one of the most important decisions, in the history of this Nation.  Old enough to know “bullshit” when I hear it, and also  understand, that “bullshit” when you step in it, is difficult to ‘washout” from between your toes.

Donald Trump Candidate For President Or Dictator?: You Decide

Is a master of Social Media, and that also is a fact, he uses his Twitter account, as his way of spreading his views, and goes unchallenged, on what he says.  Why is that you suppose?  Could it be he knows no one is going to get into a back and forth Twitter conversation, or rebuttal, of what he so masterfully Tweets?  He does not worry about that, he is a master of “mockery” says what he wants to say and then moves on, and if he is opposed, then your either “stupid” “ugly” or any other “schoolboy” choice of words he wants to use, and that is that, the “Gospel” according to Trump.  Then he gets on the phone, and calls in to any cable new channnel he wants, and he always gets through, for more free air time, than any Candidate of either Party, why it reminds me of the following photograph, where each cable channel host, thinks they are going to be the “one” to get the “story” from the storyteller himself, Donald Trump.

North Fort Myers-20131104-02284What you see are three wasps, in a fight to the death over a territory, each has claimed for it’s own.  Satire or Truth, you choose.  But Perceptions can be an interesting, however dangerous thing to observe.  Who is CNN, MSNBC, or is one of them Fox News, again your choice, Satire or Truth.  Social Media was expertly used, in what was dubbed, “The Arab Spring” in Egypt, the question is, how well did that turn out?

Donald Trump The Candidate From His Own Book

From the book TRUMP HOW to GET RICH Big deals from the star of The Apprentice

Copyright 2004 by Donald J. Trump, Published in the United States by Random House.  the following is a direct quote, from pages, 57 and 58, under the heading Look Closely Before Changing Careers:  “In 2000, I thought about running for president of the United States as a third party candidate. I proposed some sensible ideas: tax cuts for the middle class, tougher trade deals, a ban on unregulated soft money in campaigns, comprehensive health care reform.  I formed an exploratory committee and met with Reform Party Leaders, but in the end I realized I was enjoying my business too much to run for office.  Remember the rule I mentioned earlier about how you shouldn’t equivocate?  That may work for business, but in politics, you usually have to watch your words.  I’m too blunt to be a politician.  Then, there’s my long held aversion to shaking hands. (More on this in a moment.)  Had I entered the race, I wouldn’t have been very popular.  Even during the few months I was considering candidacy, I noticed that people began to treat me differently—in a more reserved, less friendly way.  Before, I had been The Donald, someone they would wave and smile at.  Suddenly, it was a different ball game, and it didn’t seem like much fun to me.  One guy I had been friendly with for years saw me at Le Cirque and for the first time in my life called me “Mr. Trump.”  He had always called me “Donald.”  That was a real heads up. A lot of successful businesspeople think they can apply their management skills to politics, but I’ve noticed that only a select few, like Michael Bloomberg and Jon Corzine, succeed.  Most others lack the temperament for it.  There’s a larger point here, beyond the obvious ones about not confusing your talent for office politics with a gift for electoral politics.  Anyone with more than a little curiosity and ambition will at some point be tempted to try a different challenge on new terrain.  Take the risk, but before you do, do everything you can to learn what you’re getting yourself into, and be as sure as you can that you’ve go the right mind-set for the job.”  End quote.   This begs the question, what’s changed, that Donald Trump Candidate For President, has not taken his own advice of, “confusing your talent for office politics with a gift for electoral politics.”  That’s a question each individual should ask, is Donald Trump, electable in electoral politics?  I found the book to be informative as to his “game” plan, a play by play editorial by Donald Trump Candidate For President?

Donald Trump Candidate For President And The Trump “Wall”

It sounds “good” to Donald Trump supporters, but in reality, it is something that can’t be done. by the power of the pen from the Oval Office.  It has to make its way through the Senate and the House of Representatives, not only for approval, but for allocation of funds.  Is it really conceivable that type of legislation would have a chance to pass?  “You Decide” on that.  Let’s just speculate that it did, what money would be used?  Could you see the headlines, your tax dollars at work.  And then according to Donald Trump, the Government of Mexico would gladly write a check to pay for it, simply because he says “believe me” they will without any explanation of how or why they would, or should.  The following photograph, is a satirical look, at what the President of Mexico, a sovereign nation, by the way, may look like as he goes to the beautiful Trump wall, to deliver the check.


Just like this wide eyed frog, waiting on the bus, to make the trip to see the wall that has beautified his borders, with a Free Republic, to the North better known as The United States of America.  You Decide if that scenario is remotely plausible, or possible.  The question, we have to Decide on, may be this.  Do we really need a wall, or do we need to enforce the laws that are presently on the books?  And in no way is it possible of practicable, to “round up” 11 million people, and just ship them out.  Our own history has shown, that is not a road, we as a Free Republic, needs to travel again.  But as usual, on this site, you Decide for yourself, after all that is what a Free Republic offers, under a “Dictator” there is no choice, and there is only one voice, that has the final say, the voice of the Dictator, who when what is says, is factually debunked, he insists what is false to be true. Traits of a Dictator:  Sound familiar from what we have all heard from Donald Trump Candidate For President Or Dictator?: You Decide.

The Unfolding Story Continues To Grow More Absurd:

I won’t address. Donald Trumps mockery of persons with disabilities, simply because those of us that have one, don’t use it to “draw attention” to ourselves.   But rather when in the history of a Presidential Debate, have we ever seen, a Candidate, demand to be paid to participate?  Using the lame excuse, he commands ratings, then riding the backs of Veterans, which he is not, to say the money is for helping Veterans.  Time will tell if CNN caves to this demand, if they do, what does it say about their credibility, as a News organization?  There is a chapter in the book, I have already given acknowledgments, and credits for, found on page 115, under the subtitle The Secrets Of Negotiations, that reads.  “If You Have Them by The Balls, Their Hearts and Minds Will Follow” end quote.  We will eventually see, who has who’s Balls. As recent events have shown, since I first publish this article, CNN has stated it will not pay Donald Trump to participate in the December Debate.  It appears the Balls, or in Donald Trumps court, this is the question?  Can you imagine Donald Trump, passing up the opportunity to be on stage, putting on his show?  The following photograph, depicts one place he definitely does not want to be.

IMG-20140605-03348  Standing all alone and as irrelevant as this fire hydrant, in the middle of an empty field.  You Decide, on that.  Donald Trump, lives by polls, and history shows polls are not reliable or accurate, the following link, is an authoritative definition of Political Polls, “Dewey Defeats Truman”

This article is not, a personal, attack on Donald Trump, it’s simply and exercise of “Freedom of Speech.”  I personally my not agree with what Donald Trump is saying, but I will passionately defend his right to say it.  That’s the right granted to all of us in this Free Republic, by the Constitution.  If you may be wondering why I use “Free Republic” in lieu of Democracy, for me it was quite simple.  It comes from something that was the way, I and many started each school day.  The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States.  Do you recall how it goes?  ” I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of The United States of America and to the “Republic” for which it stands, One Nation Under God,indivisible, with Liberty and Justice For All.”   I did not have to look the words up, they are still fresh in my mind, after all these years. I don’t have an editor, it only me a one man operation, I will acknowledge there may be so grammatical, or punctuation errors.  I write in first person, as if I were having a face to face conversation with you.  It can become a two way conversation, if your choose to use the reply option. With that in mind the article “Donald Trump Candidate For President Or Dictator?”: You Decide will end.  Be Well




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  1. Carolyn Dial

    Thank you for being one of the few Republicans I know who can see Donald Trump for what he is. This seems to be a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes–or lack there of! It is amazing to me how much prejudice and misinformation the Donald can put forth and still have his ratings rise.

    1. David Middleton Post author

      Thank you for taking the time, to read and reply, to this article. I promised I would post any comment, that was from a legitimate source, to that end I have posted your comment. Regards, and Be Well

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