“Donald Trump Fear Monger Of Prejudice And Hate The Reality TV Presidential Candidate”

Expect the unexpected, and you may be surprised that a Veteran and longtime Republican voter, would be the author, of an article with the title of, when I as well as others see.  “Donald Trump Fear Monger Of Prejudice And Hate The Reality TV Presidential Candidate,”  The real question should be not why rather why not?  There will be “fact” based links, broad-based with choices, in this article, authenticity and facts are paramount, in what is written, on this site I own, Perceptionstoday.com. It has been since the first article ever published, as many others, I have at one time been hacked, with over a 100, articles wandering around in cyberspace, the “Reality” of publishing “no punches” pulled in the creation of original content.  The following are perceptions of “Donald Trump Fear Monger Of Prejudice And Hate The Reality TV Presidential Candidate.”  Update:  It appears the “real” Donald Trump has been exposed in his own words on audio, and videotape how being a “Reality TV Star’  he could have his way with women and that was ok with them because of his so-called “status.”  I am doing the snake below an injustice by comparing it to Donald Trump, but that is what he is.  We all know the snakes have fork-shaped tongues, there is no escaping the fact that once again he has been exposed, by talking out of both sides of his mouth.  Do I personally as a lifelong Republican want this man to be my President?   Not a chance.


Let us take a walk, back in time, that accurately describes, without any possible contradiction, of what “Reality” was in the lives of many of our parents or Grandparents saw and lived through.  This what “Reality TV” contestants looked like, they were portrayed in newsreels, and newspaper headlines.  There were no “ratings” or “retakes” rather real life, not a game that “Donald Trump Fear Monger Of Prejudice And Hate Reality TV Presidential Candidate” plays so well in an attempt to persuade, his base?   That he will make America Great Again, he is a little late in trying to claim that title.  The following link will show us all who made and kept America Great, not once but twice, long before “Donald Trump” was even born, and may I add no social media, or the Internet.  These are the real “Reality” heroes.

Donald Trump And His Reality TV Game“Apprentice”:

The premise of the game, for me, is quite simple.  What my perceptions yours could, and should be “different” to create conversations, that hopefully make us all pause and “think.”  What does “Donald Trump” create in his “Reality TV” show?  Teams of people, who then, divide and conquer through internal deceptions, to reek havoc on their “teammates” for their personal gain.  The question I pose it this, do you see any correlation, between the “game” and ” Donald Trump Monger Of Prejudice And Hate The Reality TV Presidential Candidate” campaign the video, highlighted in blue is just more denial, rhetoric?  Fair question, and as always on this site, there is a place for your answers, there is a reply icon, at the to of the page.  If you’re legitimate, and not a “spammer” then I invite you to exercise, your right to reply, guaranteed us all, by the 1st Amendment, that is based upon, Freedom of Speech.  If in your reply you “choose” to use the F-bomb, that will be a reflection of you, not me, I am just the writer of this article, and the site is G-rated.  Will I publish your reply?  I most certainly will.

Donald Trump The Presidential Candidate And His Start With A Modest Loan?

Let me take a step back from the recent inflammatory and “Prejudice” laced comments made by Donald Trump, and take a look back, for a moment and ask a real and important question, for me, and I would suppose others.  In an interview about how he got his “start” without hesitation, he stated he asked for a received a “modest” loan of a million dollars, from this father.  It was estimated that in today’s world taking into consideration inflation, that amount would be approximately six million dollars.  This was in the same interview that, he said, he was the “Candidate” of the everyday American.  I am an everyday American, and I know my answer so that I will ask this question, of the Donald Trump The Presidential Candidates base.  How many can go to any relative, ask for and receive a modest loan of six million dollars?  And he considers himself, an “outsider?”  And a real side note, he is closer and more familiar with the Clinton, establishment, than most Democrats I know!  Want a fact check?

Donald Trump The Prejudice Presidential Candidate:

Let’s take a short look simply a short look is all it takes to come to a realization, that when anyone, singles out people based on, the language they speak, the Country they may come from, or the Religion they choose to practice.  It falls under the umbrella of “Prejudice” and to continue by fanning the flames of “Fear” for one’s personal gain, seems more like a Reality Show, pushing for ratings than a Presidential Campaign.  As always, all opposing views are welcome.   But the “Reality” is this type of inflammatory rant, can easily become a National Security risk.  No to mention, a very real risk for the men and women, serving so invaluable, where the Religion he rants against is the most prevalent.  Not to mention the number of United States Citizens, who’s Religion it is that they have the right to practice, once again guaranteed by the Constitution.

A Reality Check On How We Searched For The Facts In The Pass 100 Years:

The following few photographs are actual representations of how we have, advanced or declined, your choice, in our search for facts.  I am fortunate enough to have, what my Maternal Grandmother used, issued by her public school, I may add to search for facts of her day.


Yes, this small Self-Pronouncing Dictionary, with every page still legible today.  What I found most astounding of all, is how far we have come since the date inscribed by her hand inside the cover page.


4-13-16 yes 1916, what significance does this have in my life?  As you will see, she lived through and participated, as a Patriot and Free Citizen of these United States, in two of the most tumultuous, and freedom threatening events, to ever face our Nation.  Up until the present times.  World War I and World War II it seems we should have learned something from our Nations History.


One more perspective, a blast from our past.


All small reminder of how far we have come, and a cautionary, glimpse of how far we could fall back.

On an interesting side note, as I was writing this article, I paused and replied to a tweet from a Trump supporter, on Twitter.  Simply pointing out the “heart” of the 2nd Amendment, I am sure it was purely incidental, or coincidental however I have been writing for an extended number of years.  This was the first time, which my “real time” web security software, luckily for me, picked up and repelled a continuous, malware attack.

Donald Trump Continues His Reality TV Ratings Seeking Comment Tirade:

Since I first published this article, I was not surprised, that as the pressure mounts on some of his primary state polls, and others from both Political Parties call him out, his personal attacks would go further below the belt.  Starting with the audacity that Jeb Bush was an embarrassment to his entire family.  What response did he get, not a word from a family with class, and like it or not, George H.W. and George W.  not to mention Barbara Bush, have made more of a positive impact, than Donald Trump, has or will has he stooped to a new low?  How could he have, there will more to come, from a man who has no control, of his mouth, as he puts on a show, filled with “Prejudice And Hate.”  All coming from a man, that when his “statements” are fact checked, 75% of them are false.  And he wants an apology from Hillary?  They have known each other for so long; he knows it will be a cold day in hell before he gets one.  Why?  He may have crossed the line, and “pissed” off Bill, who to his right, is a force to be still reckoned with, when it comes to drawing a crowd, and delivering a message, that resonates with his audience with a spin, that clearly gets his point across, crooked right index finger and all.

It’s time for this article to come to an end.  Why?  I am certain; there will be so much more, for others as well as myself to write about, before it’s all said and done.  I will leave you with one more photograph; that is purely satirical, or is it?  What Legislating from the Oval Office, may look like, via a Twitter account.  You decide.  “Donald Trump Monger Of Prejudice And Hate The Reality TV Presidential Candidate.”  Be Well!IMG-20140517-03155




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  1. David Middleton Post author

    As a Republican, I keep waiting to something to change. The only change I see has far from persuaded me that Trump is up to the task of being President. I do believe in miracles, but don’t expect one. Do you?


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