“Why Donald Trump Will Be The Big Winner In 2016 But Not President”

Expect the unexpected and it goes without saying I fully expect “Why Donald Trump Will Be The Big Winner In 2016 But Not President” for some of the following reasons.  Being President of the United States is not in his wheelhouse, the pace of getting things accomplished is to slow, for a man like Donald Trump.  What he says he wants to do and what he actually can do, are limited, there are 3 branches of the Government tree, with the office of the President accounting for 1.  Ask the sitting or any past President, how frustrating, that is  when trying to fulfill campaign promises made.

Why Donald Trump Will Be The Big Winner In 2016:

Donald Trump is a very successful Real Estate mogul, author, reality TV star, prolific public speaker, but what has not been overlooked by myself as well as others is this.  He is one of or it could be argued, the best Marketer of a Brand, in modern times.  The man and the brand are inseparable, as an example, what does he use to fly around the campaign trail?  His own jet with the huge letters of TRUMP on the fuselage, parked in plain view, for all to see, and that includes all the news media outlets, can you think of any other Brand that gets that much constant exposure for free?    Although he states his campaign is self-funded, you can bet the farm, he won’t turn your contribution, to his efforts down.  That’s the kind of exposure he would not get as President, he can’t rename Air Force One, to Trump One, although he may like that name.  At the moment, he can say anything he wants to say, but as President, there are very significant repercussions, of the words that are spoken by a Presidential candidate or a sitting President the leader of the Greatest Nation, in the Free World.  Why would he relinquish, that much power, become President?   That’s a fair question, and if you or we take the time to read some of his books, his own words will give the answers to why he won’t.

To Be The Winner For President You Need Votes:

Who has Donald Trump left out, in his insults of potential voters he needs, to win the White House in 2016?  Not many, and more and more as I research his “base” I am appalled, at what I see from his supporters on “Twitter” one example:


    I can’t make this stuff, up before I write I research.  There are others that I have found, but this particular one even took me by surprise.  I will admit, at my age and through many life experiences, not much surprises me but this one did.  How far back into the dark ages, has this country, I fought for, gone?  Although I don’t condone or agree with the statement above, however, I will defend his Freedom of Speech.  The question that plagues me most, is will this vocal base, turn out and vote?  One of the other questions that effects Donald Trump and is poll numbers are the households that are void of landlines.  I have not had one in years, and I find that I am not alone, here is what segueing , a poll number may look like.  It is another reason I personally think,  “Why Donald Trump Will Be The Big Winner In 2016 But Not President”

    Donald Trump Will Be The Winner In 2016 For A Reality TV Show:

    This is definitely, in Donald Trumps wheelhouse.  Every campaign stop, every media interview, would be an episode.  It has never been done before, think about that the next time we hear one of his rants, whether on Twitter, or TV interview.  What is he promoting, the country or himself?  Listen closely, decide for yourself.  Would it work, or course besides he has an ax to grind, with NBC for taking his baby away, The Apprentice.  There will be so much more that will be written in the future, after the Primary’s start.  But for now, this is Why Donald Trump Will Be The Big Winner In 2016 But Not President”

    Updated 3-26-2016 and the title of the article remains the same, what has changed is now there are 3 Republican candidates left in the race.  What hasn’t changed is Donald Trump and  his Reality TV Show, behavior.  His anything goes, as long as he is the center of attention.  His lack of knowledge, concerning foreign policy, in his response to the recent. Terror attacks  Belgium, is palpable when asked direct questions, not only does he have no coherent answer, he changes the subject altogether.  That will only fly so far before that strategy crashes and burns.  It has already done so for me.  I am a life long Republican, retired, and a Veteran.  I am millions like me will never vote for Trump.  Plain and simple,that’s a Reality, that he cannot overcome.  As difficult as it is for me to say, I would rather lose the White house, in 2016, than have a loose cannon, in the oval office.

    I wrote this article before, Ash Wednesday, and gave up ALL social media, for the Lenten Season.  It was personal for me.  Today is Easter Sunday, and my commentate I made is over.  There are principals and values, that I will not compromise, and I still predict and standby this article title, “Why Donald Trump Will Be The Big Winner in 2016 But Not President”  what you decide, is a gut check decision based on facts, not smoke, and mirrors.  God Bless America, Regards, and Be Well!



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