“Donald Trump The 2016 George Wallace: 2 Failed Presidential Candidates”

Expect the unexpected, and after giving up and refraining from all Social Media for Lent and now that Easter has arrived, and I have Celebrated what it means to me, I am free to write, and publish on Social Media.  As I have watched, it has occurred to me, I have seen this movie once before, and that is how the title, “Donald Trump The 2016 George Wallace: 2 Failed Presidential Candidates”came about, The similarities are so striking, and in the end the results will be the same.  Yes just so it’s clear, I am a life long Republican, and for me I have no Presidential Candidate, that my principals, will allow me to vote for, in the 2016 Presidential election.  The videos within this article, are only part of the reasons why.


What you see in a fungus, that grows, in this case, out of the side of an oak tree.  It mimics the rings inside the tree buy slowly sucking the life from the tree, a great pretender, trying to be something it is not, nor will ever be a real Oak Tree.  This fungus looks harmless, until we take a closer look, and then we see the real danger, and hypocrisy of the fake that it is. The highlighted word fake is a link to a video, and starts slow but end powerfully, like “Donald Trump The 2016 George Wallace: 2 Failed Presidential Candidates”


To be fair, the following comments, were made by real people, who may not be fans of Donald Trump, but are real comments none the less.

Sixty-two (62) percent of moral, upstanding, well-meaning (even regular church goers) citizens have a weakness in their character: These 62% are willing to set aside their consciences, their secular and/or religious morality, upon being commanded to do so by any authoritative sociopath. (Remember Hitler Germany?) Religious people might haughtily say, “Well, I can see how secular morality owners can succumb – but religious people? No way!” I beg to differ. Please note that Fundamental (and closely related others) Christians (Christian Right) was recently led by one who was appointed by the Christian Right Fundamentalist cabal: Jerry Falwell. And, since then, this organization has been behind the scenes compelling politicians to come to them, to “kiss the ring.” Even G.W. Bush kissed to the ring to get their blessing. So did his father. And every other likely presidential candidate. You might ask yourself, “Christian Right…why did this appropriately named religious organization name/identify itself with a political wing?” Answer: They know they can do ANYTHING they want with easily manipulated, malleable, good meaning citizens – they know that 62% of these citizens will follow their authoritative lead without asking ANY questions. So, anytime you ask yourself, “What is wrong with America?”, the answer has at least two parts. One, authoritative sociopaths are in the process of taking over our government(s). Two, too many well-meaning citizens are stupid.



I think Trump expresses the subliminal racism that his supporters are prone to, or perhaps the outright specter of that racial divide!!! He WILL get us into WAR, if he’s elected; scary!! And he hides an element of greed: I wouldn’t advise America to put him in charge of a few hundred Trillion dollars!!!

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As I researched, I could have filled page after page of comments like these.  The Morning Glories, in the photograph, are all from the same vine and represent, using nature, a movement of like minds.  And in all fairness, there a like minds, that support “Donald Trump The 2016 George Wallace: 2 Failed Presidential Candidates”  however they have a opposite, perception as mine.  I respect and defend that right.  Do any of us think that the news clips, won’t be fodder, in a General Election?  The following video should dispel that myth.

From building the infamous wall, to forcing American companies, to bring back jobs from China and Mexico, it all sounds good and rallies his base, but the question has never been answered, definitively or legally?  The answer is flatly no.  Why?  Just one of the reasons, is his “Brand” of Trump clothes, are made in each, of the mentioned countries.  If they were made in the United States, the cost would be so high, his Trump Brand couldn’t compete.  Does he really think, that those of us that oppose him and will never vote for him, are naive enough to believe, that as President he would enact anything that would effect his bottom line?  Not a chance and more fodder for the Democrats is contained in this video.

IMG-20130715-00716The wide eyed Eagle, the symbol of our Country, looks on with dismay as “Donald Trump The 2016 George Wallace: 2 Failed Presidential Candidates”  somehow marches on toward the Republican Nominee for President in 2016. Especially now, when real Presidential actions, and plans, are critical, he is more concerned about, the looks of his wife, versus his closest competitor.  Are we the American people, that gullible, to believe that this is what we want to see as the face of America?   How is he accomplishing the unthinkable?  The following video, may shed some light, on this phenomenon.

Finally, in transparency, the inspiration for this article, “Donald Trump The 2016 George Wallace: 2 Failed Presidential Candidates” came from the archives, of a channel I watch everyday.  It”s a place where I get to hear what my fellow citizens have to say.  This video is worth the time to watch, or not, it’s up to you.  There will be more articles to follow, and some will be influenced by what I hear you say, on Cspan.  Be Well.


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