“Why An Open Mind About Donald Trump Is Necessary But Not So Open That Our Brains Fall Out”

Expect the unexpected, and I would expect that all American voters and, I include myself should ask “Why An Open Mind About Donald Trump Is Necessary But Not So Open That Our Brains  As a lifelong Republican voter, old enough to have just found out, how much money in Medicare payments will be deducted from my Social Security check and a Veteran, I have a vested interest in what Donald Trump says he can do and what I know he can’t.  This is not based on anything personal about Donald Trump. it’s based on the knowledge of how the 3 Branches of Government work.  I have an open mind but Not So Open, that I will allow my Brains To Fallout. If you would suspect, I don’t feel the same about Senator Ted Cruz, that suspicion would be wrong.  Neither Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, will tell us that, their proposed roundup of “illegal” immigrants, and immediate deportation, is not possible, why? They happen to be protected, like it or not by this.  Like it or not Marco Rubio, was correct. when he said, ‘secure” the border first.  If we don’t, and don’t be misled, we could secure the border now; it wouldn’t take a wall, only enforcement of laws that are on the books now.


Ironically this photograph and the first one at the top of the page are of the same seed pod.  It took months for it to open and expose, what the grasshopper was waiting on, by the time the pod finally opened the grasshopper’s allotted time by nature was gone.  I use photographs of nature I take, as analogy’s, in this case, it, in reality, represents, how long Donald Trump, would wait to get approval, through the Senate and the House of Representatives, for appropriations to build his wall.  Unless of course, he was to self-fund the project himself.  If anyone thinks that Mexico, a sovereign Nation is going to pay for the wall, then our Brains have fallen out.  I still attempt to keep An Open Mind, it becomes more difficult, when in the wake of a Terror attack, in Belgium, instead of the Headline of concern and support, for the victims and their families, of some of whom were Americans, Trump decides that the most important issue of the day was, a sandbox fight over a Super Pac ad about wives.  Is this what I am supposed to have an Open Mind about?  Did Our “Brains Fall Out?”  Have we regressed to the point, where we accept a Presidential Candidate, not acting or speaking Presidential?  And still the questions remains, for me “Why An Open Mind About Donald Trump Is Necessary But Not So Open That Our Brains Fall Out.”


I admire loyalty it is an honorable trait.  Blind loyalty, however, is a danger, that history has shown to be disastrous, with horrific consequences.  I will not make any comparisons between Donald Trump and well documented in history, leaders with blind followers.  But when a Presidential candidate, despite clear video evidence, stands by and defends one of his major staffer’s actions, and then attempts to blame the victim.  That could be considered, an “Open Mind” whose brains have fallen out, or course, there will be those, that say these actions are acceptable.  I just happen not to be one of them.


Each day, many times several times a day, Donald Trump, challenges the thought of keeping an “Open Mind” when he makes statements, then using his favorite one-way communication tool, has to reverse himself on Twitter.  In all fairness he is a so called novice, it’s hard to keep an open mind when he makes declarations such as this.  I am confident that he will invent a plausible explanation, in his mind at least.   There will be much more, to expand on, and write about tomorrow. Now tomorrow has come, I watch with “interest” as the Republican National Convention begins. I would usually be amused, but I am a Republican, and quite frankly I get visibly ill from my point of view, and yours is most likely different than mine.  I have seen nothing so far that has changed my mind.

IMG-20140201-03009(1)I still have my raingear close at hand, not to keep the rain off rather to, protect me from the BS I am anticipating to hear and see when Donald Trump when he makes his acceptance speech.  He will be front and center,  worth a golden opportunity to expand on his plan (whatever that maybe) to protect this Country as well give plausible explanations of how his can bring jobs and prosperity to what once was the middle class.  My sense is he won’t and can’t,”satire” just like I can’t read brail,  he can’t resist getting his “digs” in, he does not think that way.  There will be so much more to write, as this Circus unfolds.  Until then: “Why An Open Mind About Donald Trump Is Necessary But Not So Open That Our Brains Fall Out.”

Now that both Conventions are over, and the Presidential race is on in earnest, an Open Mind Is Necessary, to sift through all the information or misinformation from both Parties involved.  I must admit that I may have a slight advantage, simply because of my age.  I have been following Presidental races, since the days of Dwight D. Eisenhower, affectionately known as “Ike.”  In all these years I must admit, with a heavy and saddened heart, I haven’t ever seen such a debacle as this. I still have an Open Mind, however as each new “stumble” occurs, seemingly on a daily if not hourly basis, the opening grows smaller.  As always on Perceptions.com, each of us has a choice to choose for themselves and that choice should be respected, that is what Democracy is all about.

IMG952370Who am I to write such an article as “Why An Open Mind About Donald Trump Is Necessary But Not So Open That Our Brains Fall Out.”  A citizen just like you, former Police Officer, and a Veteran, yes that’s me in the photograph when I was a younger man, standing with Daughter who I wanted to come home to when my shift was over.  With certainty, I can tell you, once your blood turns Blue it always remains Blue and each time I hear of a Police Officer being killed in the line of Duty my heart breaks.  The events in Dallas were double heartache for me, five Officers assassinated by a Veteran.  Five of who I was, and one of what I am, to this very day I am unable to wrap my head around that.

Update:  Now Donald Trump is President-Elect something I don’t think he really expected to have that title.  On January 20th of 2017, he will be sworn in as our 45th President.  I will admit it is difficult for me to wrap my head around that as well.  I hope for the best. But his global interests could make a huge mess of our 45th President. It’s the perception of conflicts of interests, I think will follow him around like a lost puppy.  But to be fair I have an open mind and will gladly wish our Country well.  I am certain there will be so much more to write about, and the paragraph below, is meant for you.  Tell your own story and tell it well.

Yes, I am an ordinary Citizen with a voice, and I choose to use it, here in an article as well as in face to face conversation.  You have a voice, and the Constitution guarantees you the right to use it, whether you do or not your choice.  Yes I am a Republican, but I find myself asking over and over again “Why An Open Mind About Donald Trump Is Necessary But Not So Open That Our Brains Fall Out.”  Be Well!

















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