“2 Words That Can Come Back And Bite You: Never Or Yet”

Expect the unexpected, but you should expect, is “2 Words That Can Come Back And Bite You: Never Or Yet” and this short story will explain why.  I have categorized this article, Stories, Satire and Perception Changes.  You decide which one fits you. How many times have you said I would Never do that, only to have that word Bite You, when the Never turns into a Yet.  As an example, my kid would Never do this or that, and Yet you find out they did.  Sound familiar?  I will admit it sounds quite familiar to me.  I Never thought I would be writing on the web, it was not invented Yet, but as you can see I am, that’s a Yet that still baffles me.  I never thought I could build a web site, and Yet I have created 3, how about you?  How many “Never” have turned into a “Yet” in your life?

IMG-20131004-01470I never thought I would see and photograph a big Leopard frog, coming out of a hole meant for a cigarette butt, and “Yet” we see it here.  It once was explained to me the “Never is Just a Yet that hasn’t taken place at the present moment.”  Have you found that to be true in your life as well?  If you have left me a comment, and better “Yet” share it with a friend who may have a Yet of their own to tell us about.  We as a Country Never expected terrorist to hijack 4 planes with 2 of them crashing into the Twin Tower’s in New York on a clear September 11th, 2001 morning and “Yet” they did, taking 3000 people with them, all in the name of a God, whose name they say is only to be used by them.  I, for one never thought, that beheading. would become slick propaganda video’s “Yet” they have.


I “Never,i” thought I would be blessed enough, to create art work. from a photograph of my foot imprints on a little hideaway beachI cherish, and sell some for a profit “Yet” I have.  This article is not about me, it’s about you as well, we all have a Never or Yet story to tell.  One of the ones that perplex me most is I “never’ thought that in the name of Religion, we as a Nation would endure mass killings of innocents and “Yet” we have and sadly will continue “2” as long as a twisted ideology is allowed to continue, and thrive. I refuse to let this new “Yet” change me, it’s far easier if we collectively change it.

IMG-20140822-03702I never thought I would fall off one of these in the middle of the night, with no one awake, and tread water until I was found, and “Yet” you can see I did.  What is your Never or Yet moment?  I would be interested in finding out, and “Yet” the only way for me “2” know is if you leave a legitimate comment and if it is I will publish your reply.  I could continue with more “Never or Yet” moments, but this is a short story.  So I will close with this: “2 Words That Can Come Back And Bite You: Never Or Yet” Be Well!


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