“The Tongue Is The Gun Of The Demon Called Temper”

Expect the unexpected but in most cases “The Tongue Is The Gun Of The Demon Called Temper” should come as no surprise and here is just one of the reasons of why.  I have heard this statement many times, and I am sure you have too, from people you meet including relatives.  “There are certain things that make me angry, and because I have a short fuse, I lose my “Temper” easily and have little or no control of what I do or say.”  What they are doing is asking for your permission to accept this behavior, and when “The Gun of the Tounge” goes off, their excuse is I told you beforehand this was going to happen.  At times you may hear “I am sorry” but the damage has been done, by “The Tongue Is The Gun Of The Demon Called Temper.”  The following statement is what contributes to accepting this type of behavior.


This small statement sums it up best, and we buy the “I am sorry” story and hope things will change, but sadly is most cases they don’t they just come more often and become worse.  The “Gun of the Demon Called Temper” can and is found in both men and women, I have experienced it from both, and what about you?  My own Father had an uncontrollable “Temper Gun” so I write this with personal experience and the holes in the heart left by the “Tongue Gun” have lasted a lifetime.  I made a promise to myself to break that cycle and reject the “Temper Demon” from my life it was difficult I assure you of that.  Now when I feel the heat rising in my neck, I make a conscious choice to remove myself from the situation.  We all get angry that’s human nature. However, it is unacceptable to use “The Tongue Gun” to harm or hurt someone with the “Demon Called Temper” period. I can’t find any legitimate excuse to stay in or start a relationship with anyone that has and will not change “The Tongue Is The Gun Of The Demon Called Temper.”



What does “The Tongue Is The Gun Of The Demon Called Temper” cause?  The flower in the photograph explains it perfectly.  The once beautiful Morning Glory, much like the recipient of the “Gun Tongues”  verbal assault can slowly have their spirit broken, and something on the inside withers and dies.  It is true words can’t break bones. However, they can break something more fragile; a broken heart takes a long time or in many cases a lifetime to heal.  Why do I use the words  “Demon and Temper together and as a description?  For me it is simple, and I do believe that many of us have seen the answer, I am going to give to that question.  Have you ever looked into the eyes of the person firing “The Tongue Gun” in your direction?  The eyes are not those of  the person you know or love; they are the eyes of a stranger, or what I choose to call the eyes of a “Demon.”  I have personally seen those eyes, while staring down the business end of a 12 gauge shotgun, racked back and ready to fire off a round of double-ought buckshot.  The person that had control of the trigger was my own Father, telling me to get the explicative out of his house or he would blow my head off, I did not recognize those eyes, but I certainly believed them.  “The Tongue Gun” was in rapid fire mode during the entire encounter, and if I had not slowly backed out of the door, without saying a word, I am certain I would not be writing this article, simply because I would be 6 feet under.  That’s why I am convinced an uncontrolled Temper is a Demon.  You can choose to call it what you want, that’s your choice, but I have encountered “The Tongue Is The Gun Of The Demon Called Temper” more times than I want to remember, however, I do, what about you, or someone you know?

Why would I write such a raw and real personal article such as  “The Tongue Is The Gun Of The Demon Called Temper?”  It’s something that most of us hear about, read about or see it personally each day, but the photograph of the frog, above, has part of the answer.  What I know that you don’t know, because I took the photograph, is the frog jumped off the bench and went on its merry way.  I had gotten several good photographs from different angles, but the frog got tired of the flash going off and left.  The frog shows us that one option we have when “The Tongue Is The Gun Of The Demon Called Temper” starts flashing and we have had enough we have the option to turn our backs on the situation and leave.  At the moment we may not be able to leave physically however we can leave emotionally, I would wager there is someone reading right this moment who is still there but has already left, the Demon just doesn’t realize it yet.  The point of the photograph in this story is simple, I found the frog in its “natural” state, and if I would have pressed the issue and followed the frog after it had enough all the following photographs would not have been normal at all.  I will step on some toes with this, but an uncontrolled “Temper” is neither normal nor natural period.  It’s a “Demon” that can be controlled, however, it is the conscious choice that that the owner of “The Tongue Is The Gun Of The Demon Called Temper” has to make.

  This simple photograph will end for now this article, I could continue but if the picture is not painted clear enough, not much more can be said with the exception of this:  This is how it will wind up, either you are alone on the receiving end of the verbal abuse, or you are going to wind up alone because you will not change or control “The Tongue Is The Gun Of The Demon Called Temper” the choice is ultimately yours.  Be Well or Get Well.


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  1. David Middleton Post author

    As a Storyteller, when I write an article there is always the hope that it touches someone in a positive way, and if it does you get a response. I can tell you that one of the most gratifying experiences I have ever had, is today shortly after publishing this article I got a response from one of my own children, telling me that the story was exactly what they needed to hear today. It does not get much better than that. Be Well!


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