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“Why My BlackBerry Smart Phone Works So Well For Me”

2013-07-11 18-21-05.806Expect the unexpected and you can bet the farm that I didn’t expect that one day I would write an article about “Why My BlackBerry Smart Phone Works So Well For Me.”  And yes that’s my hand, and that’s my phone. For the record, I am not a representative or an affiliate, and have no ties to Research In Motion, commonly known as RIM, and I am certainly not being compensated in any way for writing this article about how my “Smart Phone” device effects and enhances my everyday life.

The Facts:

I had written many articles about how life as we know it can change in the blink of an eye, and the morning in left for work I had no reason to believe that by the time I returned home that day, the life that would be forever changed was mine.  Damn I said to myself this can’t be real, but it was, and if it has happened to you, you understand the next phase of “denial” it’s a natural emotion.  Well denial soon gets the heck out of the picture when you try time after time to make the injured part do what it used to do, and it won’t.  Now I am writing this from my experience,  and would you be surprised to know, that I don’t use the term “disabled” I choose to use “enabled” why you may ask, it’s simple for me to answer that like this.  This site Perceptionstoday.com was born as a result of that life changing event of going to work one morning and by the end of the day, my life had changed in the blink of an eye, and to tell the truth it took a long time to accept, that a power greater than me had a different plan for me, just like the article titled “Swim Or Tread Water” is about.

It Fits My Hand:

As is evident in the two pictures the BlackBerrry phone I use, fits or slides into the cup that is formed by my right hand.  I am blessed to have control of my right thumb, so when I cradle the phone in both hands, I can easily navigate the keyboard to send text, make calls and easily navigate using the roller button, to the different applications I use on a daily basis.  I was fortunate enough to own already and use this device before my right hand and arm were injured.  But let me assure you it was quite the challenge to keep it balanced with very little feeling in the palm and remaining four fingers of what was once my dominate hand. By the way, that thing we have all been guilty of “taking things for granted”  that’s no longer a part of my vocabulary, its the “little things”  that are the big things I look forward to now.  Like the pictures, I take and use and yes this little “Smart Phone” really works well for me.

Disabled or Enabled:

That’s the question that only we as individuals can choose to call ourselves, there are many of us who can use and be encouraging word or a helping hand.  For me, I choose the word enabled for the simple reason I have been blessed to do what I truly love to do and that is write.  Does it produce the type income I once had, not yet, but there is a different way I look at that?  We may not always get what we want but on the other hand, it seems to me,  God just exactly what we need. I suppose I will have to wait because my carrier “says” they will no longer carry the BlackBerry product. The keyboard function is a necessity for me.  And that’s “Why My BlackBerry Smart Phone Works So Well For Me.”


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